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    Recruitment partner: Rachel Rickard

    She did a really good job finding someone with the niche skill-set that we were looking for to round out our team..

    Clinton, Bristol
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    Recruitment partner: Kwaku Adu-ansere

    While I was trying to move from development into pentesting I spoke to at least 10 recruiters and Adu Ansere was the only one that followed up, getting me 3 interviews, one of which was successful.

    Pavel, London 
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    Recruitment partner: Louise Latif

    Many thanks to Louise Latif ! She is a brilliant consultant she cares and she listens and act on concerns ! The rest of the team are great too they all very helpful and likes to serve ! Keep it up team you are fantastic ! Great team work

    Becky, London
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    Recruitment partner: Mark Staines

    You placed me into my previous job also. You found me the right jobs very fast and they were the right jobs for me. I think you are doing great. Mark was excellent he supported me, I am very happy..

    Davide, Dublin