In certain parts of the business, more than 50 % of ComputerFutures top performers are women. This prompted us to ask some of our top female billers what they believe makes a successful female recruiter. Let's take a look at some attributes of how women approach recruitment.

1.Building great relationships 

Several studies have identified gender differences which highlight that women are significantly more empathic than men. They find it easy to grow healthy and long-lasting relationships as they can delve deeper into their candidates' and clients' needs on a personal level. This can ultimately lead to a job change or other career related decisions.

2.Making full use of career opportunities

Today, women have clear career paths, the ability to earn the equivalent or more than their male counterparts and receive support from the top when applying for senior/managerial positions. This has become a driver for women to create value for themselves and aspire to the same career achievements as an equivalent male counterpart.

3 Being organised

According to a study published by the BMC Psychology Journal in the UK, women work faster and are more organised than men when switching between tasks. Focusing on important things that need to be done allows them to take control of their busy recruitment schedules and manage their tasks effectively.

4.Coming across less 'salesy'

When women are pitching or selling they often do not come across as brash which assures a smooth and fast process. They sell effectively without being 'salesy.'

5.Being productive

Women are productive and have a great eye for detail. This is underlined by a 2011 study by Pepperdine University which reported that women beat the industry average in terms of productivity. This attribute helps women control the hiring process, manage expectations and create value for the service they are providing.

6.Applying emotional intelligence

Numerous studies show that women have a slightly higher Emotional Intelligence score than men. This is why they are experts at relating to the individual person and their needs. By building an emotional connection they gain the candidates' trust. This is crucial when a candidate is accepting offers and handing in their notice as people's decision making is ultimately based on emotions.

7.Seeing the long term benefits

Women tend to have long term goals and want to overcome challenges. They think strategically and see long term benefits, which enables them to work with a high level of resilience and foresight.

Best of luck implementing these tips!