How to make the best of your job search during pandemic?

The corona virus has a firm grip on the economy. Companies in Sweden are affected in different ways: some companies continue to hire employees or virtual on-boarding and some are postponing or shutting down.

Besides, hiring managers are being more careful when it comes to make a decision while they are figuring out remote on-boarding. As a result, job seekers feel hesitant about making the next step. Considering these challenging situations, this article can be your ultimate job search guide during uncertain times.

How to job search during pandemic?

It is understandable that many people feel reluctant to make a change nowadays. Questions starting with “What if” are always there. However, most of the HR experts and recruiters emphasise that it is the right time to apply and enhance your network. There are still open positions as well as active applicants and people are being hired!

1. Think and understand your needs

Before applying, ask yourself: “Why am I looking for a new job?”. “Is the reason unemployment?”, “Is the reason the end of my contract?”, “Am I looking for a new challenge or better conditions, benefits?”.

If you are unemployed for a while you should remember competitive advantage and not give up on applying. Like many others, if you have a bias about not to get hired due to challenging times, you may miss the right opportunity. Being determined about your next career step and constantly applying for new roles will create the difference!

If you are not in a rush, it is recommended to check out the job market, being in touch with recruiters and enhancing your network. Do your research and ask about the hiring companies and currently growing sectors.

2. Are you ready for a change?

Use the benefits of the slowing job market to consider new opportunities and be open for a change. If you want to make a decision due to financial or personal interest, you may need to think twice. Currently, it is not easiest time to get into radar of hiring managers, so you need to be firm about what you can offer. Think and reflect: Are you ready to make a change? How urgent are your needs? How long have you been thinking about this change? What sources do you need to change your direction and how can you access them? 

3. Strengthen your skills

Do you want to change your career direction but are not feeling confident about your competence? Now is the perfect time to boost your skill set. It can be about cloud technology, a coding language or your language skills. The best way to determine the required skill set is viewing job ads. Check the required skill set on the job ads and find the important ones to improve. Maybe take it one step further, ask a recruiter and discuss about the most relevant skills. When you spot the right skills, invest your regular time in completing online courses, certification programmes, and other online/offline sources.

4. Get used to online set-up

The working environment is becoming more virtual every day, yet remote work is something not normal for both companies and employees. While employees are trying to be productive at home office, many companies are figuring out how to on-board new talents. Predictably, the ones who can adapt remote working faster will shine in the job market. Invest time in boosting your online performance and find your most comfortable way to participate in online meetings, daily stand-ups, trainings, and even online team events!

5. Networking, networking, networking!

As expert IT recruiters, it is crucial for us to remind the talents of the importance of networking. Either you are actively looking for new opportunities or just being curious about the job market, good networking skills will never let you down.

Despite difficulties in the market, the ones who build strong relationships will be the winners once companies start hiring again. So, consider staying in touch with the hiring manager, who probably stopped answering. It is always good to remind them of yourself and show your interest with a short, thoughtful email. Your e-mails may kindly offer your tailored-made skills for their team in times of need. Or you can shortly mention your enthusiasm to join their team as soon as the right time comes.

Lastly and surely, recruiters play a key role to make a new career step. Introducing yourself to a recruiter even without a job application would help them to spot you for the next opportunity.


We, the Computer Futures Sweden team, gladly support IT talents in finding the right job, on-boarding and offer up-to-date career tips!  Due to the strong relationships we have with various companies, we are able to give helpful insights to find a suitable job for you even in the hard times. Get in contact with us – our recruitment consultants are looking for your request.