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    Recruitment partner: 
    Brandon Jackson

    Excellent communication, constant feedback and updates.

    Hilton, Austin
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    Recruitment partner: Travis Speck

    Great customer service throughout the entire hiring journey.

    Shrikanth, Houston
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    Recruitment partner: 
    ​Devin Arnold

    the open and frequent communication was very helpful to my experience with Computer Futures. Devin Arnold works tirelessly to ensure that I am always informed and remains available.

    Leslie, Austin
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    Recruitment partner: 
    ​Lindsay Horgan

    Your people are very, very on top of things. I love the fact that even after being on an engagement there is still a great deal of interaction with the recruiter. This is very rarely the case with other companies. They're friendly, almost always available to help, and have fast turnaround. This gives me the confidence I need to move forward on my work without worrying where my next gig is coming from.

    Joe, New York