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Computer Futures at UX Bristol 2016

An expanding UX Design Presence

In industries across the globe, companies are seeing the true value of ensuring their products and services are focused first and foremost on the customers’ experience.

Predominately the financial institutions, Fintech, and e-commerce businesses that are championing this focus are reaping the benefits of having specialist UX (user experience) designers in their team.

This growth comes from the understanding of offering an integrated experience and ensuring a human element that streamlines life’s processes, all of which cumulated at the recent UX Design workshop in Bristol, where Computer Futures was a gold partner.

Considering a career change

With more than 140 attendees this year, the workshop continues to grow in line with the value of UX design and the continuing company requirements from the past five years as seen during the first UX design boom in San Francisco. The move is gaining momentum and is a direct consequence of the candidate shortage currently seen across the UK.

A role that will always be required due to the ongoing improvements and requirements of UX design, candidates from very different backgrounds including marketing, graphic design and psychology are being encouraged to consider a career change to UX design.

Jay Simpson, Contract Consultant at Computer Futures in Bristol says individuals who have empathy and can understand the simple needs of customers should consider a UX design role.

“It’s become a discipline in its own right, previously around 20% of a role would be dedicated to user experience and now people are seeing a return on investment when they improve the user experience. With more eyes on their site or app, conversion rates are increasing and users are returning again and again. Ensuring optimal performance and ensuring a seamless experience is paramount.”

The new Chief

“Previously it was about traditional marketing and simply getting the product out there and as companies undergo digital transformations where buy-in is required from the CEO and CIO, they are looking for specialist knowledge of the user experience, with CDOs (Chief Design Officers) coming on board to fill this requirement,” continues Jay.

“Specific recruiters and candidates in UX design are limited. They may understand .NET or Java yet they have an insufficient understanding of UX design as a niche position and the intricacies required by a business that UX design can bring,” concludes Jay.

The workshop enabled the Computer Futures team to speak directly with decision makers and further enhance their understanding of UX design concepts and theories as well as future projects and opportunities for growth.

To have a discussion on how one of our UX Specialists can help you, please feel free to call either:Jay Simpson (Bristol) on 0117 910 3328 or Jordan Kelly (London) on 0 20 7907 3853.