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Embedding the Core

The transformation of data is strengthening business decision making and allowing marketers to take action and push forward with innovative new marketing activity. Customised data tools are streamlining practices and opening a wave of endless possibilities to how we gain insights and track markets, strategies and essentially, embed digital in the core of a business.

With a strategy re-focused on digital, and shifting demands of consumers, the spotlight is directed at talent acquisition and the changing skills required. This guarantees a long-term and sustainable digital strategy which functions across all departments and guides the business in all that it needs, from innovation to payroll.

Magnifying Talent

As the VP of Marketing at StarLeaf, Martin Pang is responsible for branding, PR, analyst relations, digital marketing, customer success, demand generation and customer events. Martin is taking business intelligence from across multiple departments and bringing in cross-functional teams into marketing to bridge the digital gap.

“Marketing professionals are developing skills more in line with the digitalised tech space, with more tools at their disposal to learn about their customers and prospects and enhance their experience. By analysing their digital footprint and the holistic view of how prospects and customers are interacting with us, this will help us prioritise activities to attract and nurture new customers as well as ensure we communicate meaningfully with existing customers. Using marketing automation systems to help track the digital footprint of prospects and customers enables us to learn more about them. Then coupled with additional data from our other systems, this ensures more targeted messaging and a personalised service for our customers,” says Martin. 

“We are seeing key growth areas in a range of marketing areas, but what’s important is the continuous collaboration of cross-functional departments, for instance, IT and marketing. Whether you’re a data analyst, software developer or a creative, all these roles deliver a value that further drives home the importance of having digital at the core of a company,” says Martin. 

New value

Richard Thexton, Business Manager at Computer Futures worked with Martin to place him in his current role and says the value of widening skillsets is giving companies the edge they need to grow their market share and become digital first in all business activity.  

“Adding new value not only for customers but our people internally is crucial. It’s unlike a value-add of a product which could simply be a mobile app. New-value is the creation or introduction of a new product or feature. It creates functional loyalty, it might not be a one on one experience or customer service but it’s the creation of loyalty through the functionality of their products. Whether that’s a simplified service design, convenience, or ease of use. Consumers are using these products because of the features and functions of the products and companies are bringing departments together to ensure this new value and a successful digital strategy at the core,” says Richard.

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