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Continuing Healthcare: Open For Opportunity

The opportunities to understand the challenges and growing needs in Continuing Healthcare (CHC) are met with drawbacks. There are limited networking opportunities and platforms to share knowledge and future goals. Sian Duval, Continuing Healthcare Specialist for the Public Sector division of Computer Futures, is trying to change this with a recent event aimed at bringing CHC clients and candidates together to discuss current events and situations.

Sian says the event was a great success with over 40 attendees, and guest speakers Andre Fox, the Director of Previous Unassessed Periods of Care (PUPoC) and Paul Taylor, Director of Retrospective Reviews. Andre discussed personal health budgets (PHB) and the challenges associated with supporting patient care. Paul gave us a thorough understanding of scalable Retrospective Reviews including the management of 10,000 reviews and the associated challenges. We hosted an interactive session where the need for change and the future of CHC was challenged.

Find and found

“All of our attendees gained a great deal of new and insightful information from implementing new processes to making their work more efficient and streamlined. Right now, there is quite a lot of disengagement, the frameworks are quite ambiguous, and this is all getting in the way of progress in CHC,” says Sian.

“There is quite a lot of uncertainty with implementing health budgets for PHB because they’re unsure about how to do it. We’re in a strong position though as we have candidates that already know how to do this which helps organisations to implement and move forward faster,” says Sian.

Supporting the challenges

“It’s also about reducing hospital assessments, this is growing more and more in the coming years because patient are entering a hospital and can’t be discharged until they have a health care plan. If they aren’t legible for a health care package the hospital then needs to find a different package in order discharge them. They need somewhere suitable to go. It’s all about the lack of funding and resources; this is and will continue to be the biggest challenge."

“At Computer Futures we’ve identified the problems in the market and are working with hospitals to support them by finding the best candidates that already have expertise in PHB, resourcing, and funding. It’s like a jigsaw puzzle and we’re working to find the right fit to fund the solution,” says Sian.

To find out more about working in CHC or require additional support for your team please get in touch.