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We help you land your dream job - #becauseitmatters

The SThree Group, with its ten specialist brands, work across crucially important industries to deliver the best service to our candidates and clients. For example, Computer Futures, who just cleared its fourth transformational year in the Japan market, hired (with support from their colleagues from Huxley) the first Digital Marketing Manager for a traditional music equipment manufacturer in Japan.

We talked to Peter Kelly, a Senior Consultant who specialises in Sales and Marketing in Tokyo.

He says “it was a great experience to provide my client with insights into the market and set the stage for hiring a very passionate marketer. My candidate is now in his dream job and I couldn’t be more proud.”


Love the work you do

Peter says his clients “love the businesses they are building and we are proud to support hiring in some of the world’s most visible companies. The advertising technology companies we work with are excited about how digital advertising, new media and technology are transforming the way companies communicate with their audiences.”

According to Peter, our other clients in the industry are pioneering cutting edge technology that truly improves people’s lives by putting the world in their reach.

“You can book a trip, buy groceries and find a partner all because of the services our clients create,” Peter reinforces.


Why recruitment can be a great career choice

What matters the most to Peter is that he gets to interact with and learn from the brightest minds in Tokyo and support their careers with roles that affect their future and that of their families.

Hence he believes that recruitment is a great career choice for someone who also loves to learn new things and impact their candidates' careers.

Our recruiters have a career with purpose because in a candidate-driven market where digital marketing skills are in serious demand and where the digital skills gap is widening, the job market is experiencing a boom and brands are dedicating larger budgets and more career choice for our candidates.

“What is more, they can start impactful and very satisfying careers in global companies like Facebook and Netflix which are changing the course of history. And that’s just scratching the surface,” continues Peter.


Proud of our work

Peter is proud of the fact that he can positively influence the growth trajectory of businesses based on the quality of candidates he introduces to his clients.

“My introduction of a skilled marketing person could be behind the notoriety of the next Coca-Cola or Vidal Sassoon. We can be proud of the contribution we make to building successful businesses,” concludes Peter.

Work with the people that have a great deal of passion for their job and change people's lives by finding them their dream jobs. Apply for one of our career opportunities in Tokyo today by emailing Aditi Singh at [email protected] to find out more about our Japan team. You can also find your dream job with one of our clients on our website.