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The importance of AI in recruitment

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become more common in recent years, leading to many conversations about how it’s affecting jobs and whether it’s replacing the need for humans. The reality is that in some cases, such as recruitment, it’s helping employees perform better. For example, a recruitment consultant no longer has to manually sift through CV’s. Instead, they can use AI to find the most suitable candidates to contact regarding roles.

Introducing Power Search

Power Search was developed and introduced in order to solve a big issue that the business was facing. As our database of CV’s grew, recruitment consultants had to spend more time finding the right consultants for each role. So in order to improve efficiency, we created the award-winning Power Search. 

Led by Lance Fisher, one of the UK’s top CIO’s, a team of over 100 people developed an AI product that worked with our database, helping improve efficiency. Instead of having to manually search, recruiters are able to select keywords, geographical locations, specific skills, and much more. Based on their requirements, a shortlist of candidates is then produced which the consultants can go through.

The benefits of AI

Recruitment has always been, and will likely always be, a people business. AI is simply used to aid recruiters. They’re now able to focus their time on building relationships with clients and candidates, getting a clearer idea of exactly what they’re looking for. 

For clients, this means we’re able to put forward highly qualified, relevant candidates. And for candidates, we’re able to place them in roles that work for them and their career goals. There’s more to recruitment than simply matching people and skills – it’s important to match people with people too. 

The time taken to find placements has also dropped dramatically, as a result of the AI software now completing manual processes automatically. Working in the STEM industry, where demand for skilled professionals is incredibly high, Power Search helps us fill positions faster. 

An insight into recruitment with AI

As well as helping to find the most suitable candidates for roles, Power Search is able to provide consultants with great insight. They’re able to identify where the most candidates or new jobs are, resulting in a heat map much like the one below:

Not only that, it’s now far easier to get a clear idea of which skills are most popular with specific roles or companies: 

This insight allows recruitment consultants to deliver a better experience for candidates and clients, through faster placements that work for both parties. Content is also created using this detailed insight, as it allows us to share where specific jobs can be found, what skills clients look for, and much more. 

Transform your recruitment experience

We take the time to understand your specific requirements – from the skills you’re looking for in a role to the kind of workplace you want to experience. And, once we know all of this, Power Search helps to make the process much smoother and faster. 

So whether you’re looking for your next role or want access to a vast talent pool of experienced and highly-skilled candidates, get in touch to find out how we can help.