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Reflecting on the second round of .Net Bournemouth

On Thursday 17th August the second round of .Net Bournemouth was hosted at Barclays Eagle Labs. We are very proud to sponsor and support .Net Bournemouth, who aim to provide a welcoming environment for those wishing to learn about the dotnet ecosystem, its latest developments, and network with likeminded individuals. We spoke with Harry Porter to find out more about the event.

Barclays Eagle Labs provided a great venue, the space is perfect with areas for refreshments, food and enough space for people to mingle.

The Meetup consisted of three talks:

  • A Foot in the Door or: How I learned to Stop Worrying and Ignore Requirements by Dan Kirkham
  • SQL Server & Continuous Integration by James Anderson
  • Developer Ethics: Honesty and Integrity by Maciej Chomin

Junior developers and their role in the industry

Dan Kirkham kicked off the Meetup with his talk about junior developers and their entry into the industry. Harry says, “I personally found the talk insightful and now see how frustrating it can be for developers to find their first job. I agreed with Dan in how “requirements” need to be concise so they don’t put of potential applicants. I also feel that employers need to be honest with themselves, if they plan on hiring junior developers they need to ensure there’s a support structure and bandwidth to accommodate the developer’s progression.”

SQL Server and Continuous Integration

The second talk saw James Anderson talk about SQL Server and Continuous Integration (CI); two things that may not come natural to many people. James shared in-depth insight on how to introduce CI and the challenges you can expect, some of which got quite technical. He also demonstrated how tools like ReadyRoll, tSQLt and Pester can help.

One thing was clear to Harry from this talk, “As we develop a DevOps mind set, it’s apparent that Developers and Database Guru’s need to work in unison. No longer can we just ‘pass work over the fence’ and expect the other person to sort out the problems.”

The Importance of Developer Ethics

Maciej Chomin wrapped up the evening with a talk on Developer Ethics. Harry says, “This for something I feel is important. Each day we hear news on how technology is going to change our lives, but what reassurance do we have that technology is acting with our best interests?” This talk looked at where and how Developers can approach their work in an ethical way, much like the "Statement of Ethical Principles" prepared by The Engineering Council and the Royal Academy of Engineering.

We’re looking forward to the next .Net Bournemouth. Don’t forget, if you’re looking for a new job in IT, our team of consultants are ready to help you take the next step in your career – you can either contact us or use our job search.