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Changing Landscape Of Software Development in Japan

How an evolving landscape impacts software developers and engineers

In the past in Japan, software was almost considered an afterthought due to the country being heavily focused on hardware. Because of this hardware focus, Japanese companies are now slowly realising that software is really important and are trying to change. As such, there’s a high demand for software developers and engineers that are both technically minded, but also able to communicate their knowledge to a non-technical audience.

Yan Fan is the co-founder of Code Chrysalis. She has leant to code and moved to Silicon Valley and back to Asia. She spoke with Computer Futures to discuss how the software development market is changing and why developing soft skills is so important for developers and engineers.

As the software development market is gradually growing in Japan, we’ve produced this report in order to demonstrate the importance of hiring the right people in order to gain a competitive advantage. As part of this, we’ll be providing an overview of the software development landscape in Japan, the challenges faced by those hiring, and predictions for the software development market...

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