Computer Futures

Dublin Senior Technology Leaders MeetUp

Our final Dublin Senior Technology Leaders MeetUp for 2017 was another great success. The Hamilton Buildings, Trinity College was filled with CIOs, CDOs, CTOs, VPs of Engineering and insightful speakers.

Mark Kelly, Director of Computer Futures Ireland, warmed the crowd up by sharing the findings of The Future of The IT Department Report which surveyed over 200 technology leaders throughout Europe. He gave a detailed presentation on the priorities of technology leaders, what the IT department will look like in five years, and what skillsets are most in demand.

The impact of digital transformation on human behaviour

Following Mark, Chris Flack, Founder and CEO of UnPlug and Aidan Healy, Head of Learning and Development at UnPlug, taught the spectators how to manage digital distractions, how to improve their focus and ability to recharge. Chris and Aidan shared their experiences of how they’ve helped companies including Accenture, Hubspot and the NHS manage the impact of digital transformation on human behaviour.

“In the last ten years, many of us have become all too familiar with the challenges of the ‘always-connected’ age of the smartphone, iPad, netbook or laptop. We love our devices for the power and flexibility that they give us. And yet the challenge is, we also struggle with them because of the power they can have over us. By breaking the cycle of feeling overwhelmed, overworked and always interrupted, people achieve higher quality work during the day and higher quality rest when outside the office” says Chris and Aidan. Chris and Aidan aimed to provide practical solutions to change our individual and organisational 24/7 habits.

Creating the right working environment is important

Bob Lee, Founding Director of A Great Place to Work UK & Ireland, then took to the stage and shared insights on how to create a workplace culture that attracts and retains great talent, build a business that out-performs its peers, develop a high-trust culture between managers and staff, and achieve employee turnover rates that your competitors will envy.

The feedback we’ve had on our Meetups has been fantastic, with attendee Graham Gosling saying “The quality keeps on improving”, while another attendee, Anand Babu said they had an “Amazing evening with an amazing and lively presentation”.

If you’re interested in attending our next meetup, please contact Mark on [email protected]