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The value you offer as a job hopper

In many industries, job hopping can be a concern for some businesses. Red flags can be raised when hiring managers find candidates who’ve left jobs within a short space of time. However, in tech industries, having a wealth of professional experience could be advantageous when applying for a new role. We spoke to Kalpesh Baxi, Senior Partner at Computer Futures, to find out more.

What job hoppers can bring to an organisation

More often than not, top performers have either been promoted or advanced their career by moving to a highly respected competitor. Rather than being penalised for their success, they should be held in high regard by organisations; if several businesses have seen the value in an employee, it could make them a top performer capable of achieving excellent results.

Generational differences are driving change

Millennials are driving a change in attitudes towards job hopping. According to The Future Workplace, 91% admitted they wouldn’t expect to stay in a job for more than three years. With such a bold outlook, businesses are being forced to react and re-assess their own attitudes. Additionally, 45% of employers don’t expect graduates to stay for longer than two years. While hiring managers may have previously rejected frequent job hoppers, in today’s job market they can’t afford to do this without dismissing the best talent available.

Most businesses can appreciate that people who accept a new job opportunity are ambitious professionals who are keen to progress. Rather than being impatient or disloyal, people who move from job to job are typically passionate professionals, eager to expand their skills. This is a positive trait when it comes to making a new hire and especially important when looking for candidates to work in tech positions.

The importance of job variety in tech

Within niche industries, a wealth of experience is arguably more desirable than staying at a company for a lengthy period of time. Tech is constantly changing, and this is reflected in the types of projects companies need professionals for. If you can demonstrate diverse knowledge and a varied skillset, you could be one step ahead of your competition.

The best developers can display a range of skills and experience working in different environments and this is something they can get moving from company to company. For many hiring managers, versatility is more attractive than loyalty. As Kalpesh explains, “The most important things for a candidate to have are skills, technical ability, and the right mind set. If you’ve picked up the right skills to do a job, this is what the hiring manager is interested in. A variety of relevant skills is extremely attractive to hiring managers.”

Contractors as job hoppers

Interestingly, the stigma of being labelled a “job hopper”, doesn’t apply to those working on a contract basis. Contractors can enjoy the luxury of job hopping without facing the same criticism. The job market’s changing dramatically, with 36% of workers in the USA working as freelancers.

The flexibility of working as a contractor has contributed to this rise and we have a wider range of contract roles than ever before. If you’re used to working in a permanent role but would like to take advantage of the benefits associated with contract work, speak to one of our consultants today. You may be surprised to learn that your ideal role is available in a way you hadn’t imagined.

Making the change

When applying for a new job, many people are worried about employers questioning why they want to leave their current role. Working with Computer Futures means we’re able to explain this on your behalf. Kalpesh explains, “If you can demonstrate genuine reasons for moving quickly from different positions, we can explain this to the hiring manager. We’ve built up honest and trusted relationships with our clients that our candidates can benefit from.”

If you’re tempted by the idea of expanding your skills and taking on a new role, don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone. At Computer Futures, we offer a consultative service and can advise you on the best steps to advance your career. Whether you’re looking for a new contract opportunity or a change from your current position, we can help. Contact us today and take the next step in your career.