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Why the risk to your business is so much bigger than cyber security

By 2020, it’s expected that there’ll be 1.5 million unfilled security positions in organisations across the world. While security poses a huge IT problem, the issues are actually much more widespread, and ensuring your business is fully protected requires a great deal of planning.

Cyber security is a hugely publicised problem. While these threats are heavily covered in the media, there’s a whole host of other issues threatening the functionality of your business that are often forgotten about every day.

Your full Business Risk problems

According to Pete Kelly, Head of Business Risk and Cyber Security at Computer Futures, “IT security is only one part of the puzzle. So many businesses often fore-go the full range of risks threatening their company. However, it’s important to outline a comprehensive strategy that protects the full scope of risks to your business.” We decided to take a look at some of the biggest factors that could be threatening your organisation.

1. Governance & Compliance

Rules, regulations and policies; they’re constantly changing. For any organisation, no matter the size, it’s vital to ensure you’re consistently complying with the appropriate legislation, otherwise you could face significant fines. Furthermore, your business needs to be safeguarded against all of the latest threats. As this is an ongoing issue, having the appropriate talent in place to make sure your business is protected is hugely important.

2. Data Protection

You don’t need us to explain why it’s so important to protect your customer data. A data breach doesn’t just result in monetary loss for your business, your reputation can also be dramatically impacted. Trust is essential to any relationship; if your customers are trusting you with their data, you need to assure them you’re doing all you can to protect their data. With the introduction of GDPR, there’s never been a more important time to ensure you have the right data professionals in place.

3. Business Change

Any kind of transformation, development or transition is a huge factor for any business. While the prospect of a business change project can be exciting, it also presents one of the biggest opportunities for exploitation a company can face. It’s essential that your business is fit for purpose and has the appropriate security solutions in place. You need to make sure your business is being transformed to deal with the ever changing threats of security. Pete has seen this happening with numerous companies he works with. He explains, “We’ve noticed that businesses who’ve adopted a fresh mentality regarding the issue have stronger overall security systems in place. This could involve things such as altering staff training and holding workshops; we need to change our outlook and start to view security from a wider business perspective. It's not just an IT problem.”

Computer Futures are here to help

These are just some of the many security issues that could be facing your organisation. When it comes to your security, peace of mind is priceless. At Computer Futures, our dedicated consultants are equipped with significant specialist experience, and can considerately advise you on a security solution that’s tailored to your recruitment needs. If you’re ready to ensure all aspects of your business are protected, contact Pete today.