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Digital transformation within Higher Education

When focussing on the topic of digital transformation, each Higher Education institution faces their own challenges; some shared, others unique. At Computer Futures, we believe that if teams are given an opportunity to share individual problems, this can allow the entire industry to develop. This is what inspired Bethany Milligan, Candidate Recruitment Consultant at Computer Futures, to set up a series of networking events. We spoke to her to find out more.

According to Bethany, “When you’re faced with a challenge to overcome, people usually think it’s something unique to their team. However, more often than not, problems facing specific institutions are shared across the industry. This made me think – why don’t we get everyone together?” The first event took the form of an open forum round table, and offered clients, candidates, and key figures within Higher Education, a space to talk in detail about key topics they’re dealing with.

Where did the idea come from?

The first event, which took place on 3rd August, allowed leaders and influencers across the industry to come together. Bethany explains, “We’re lucky enough to work with so many influential people across the industry. Dealing with such a wide variety of institutions has allowed us to learn more about problems facing the industry. We believe that knowledge sharing is key to success – there are so many obstacles facing the Higher Education space; whether it’s limited budgets, or lack of resource, we wanted to give representatives the opportunity to share the input from their institution. The aim being to help solve industry-wide problems, and create a more fruitful space.”

What was discussed?

The round table was very well received, with numerous topics being discussed. The importance of IT in relation to student experience was a big issue. Bethany explains the benefit of hearing a range of opinions, “It was really interesting to hear some shared opinions across the board – all believed that students were the consumer, and should be considered more centrally in decision making processes. Going forward, I think one of the key takeaways was how they can increase student recruitment and retention through more flexible methods, such as distance learning courses and MOOCs. But then there were others who thought maybe this would take away from the campus experience – this is exactly why we set up the meeting. Not everyone agreed, but I would say that everyone benefited from hearing about the functionality of other institutions, so they can start to consider whether they can implement this in their own organisation.”

What’s next?

At Computer Futures, we believe that a transactional approach is reductive when it comes to Higher Education recruitment. Knowledge sharing is essential to the success of the industry, and we’re passionate about providing a space that allows great minds to come together. If you’d like to learn more about our next event, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Bethany to register your interest. You can also chat with Bethany about the latest opportunities she has available, and perhaps you can get access to the job that you’ve been searching for.