Computer Futures

Computer Futures aiming to be leading talent provider in Salesforce ecosystem

Computer Futures is in the perfect position to become the leading talent provider in the Salesforce ecosystem, according to Kalpesh Baxi, the brand’s Senior Partner.

The Salesforce UK team at Computer Futures, which is owned by SThree Plc, attended the Partner Day and World Tour event in London recently.

Having launched its Salesforce practice five years ago, Computer Futures is now a registered Salesforce consulting partner and has provided staffing solutions to more than 100 customers around the globe.

Attending these events and learning what is important to candidates, clients and Salesforce provides us with the insight needed to be able to support our customers better.

Reflecting on the two Salesforce events, Kalpesh said: “Computer Futures is in a great position to capitalise on the position we have at the heart of the ecosystem engaging with all parties.

“SThree’s purpose is to bring skilled people together to build the future and Computer Futures Salesforce practice is aiming to be the number one talent provider in the Salesforce ecosystem across the regions we operate in. But we also want to understand the challenges that our customers will be facing while being able to advise our candidates on what pathways exist in the Salesforce ecosystem.

“The Partner day was about understanding Salesforce’s vision and plans while connecting with fellow partners on how we can work together. We also heard from the Salesforce senior leadership from the UK and US.”

Earlier this year, Computer Futures appointed Stephanie Herrera as its Global Vice President of Salesforce Practice. Working with the global leadership team, she is helping the business engage with the community and developing our recruiters.

Kalpesh added: “Bringing Stephanie on-board has added credibility to our plans and is allowing us to push forward with what we want to achieve within the Salesforce ecosystem. She has a background on skilling people up and helping them find jobs and one of the key areas she is continuing to look at is how we can bring more people in.

“This experience lends itself well to our core purpose of bringing talent people together.” Find out what Stephanie had to say below.