Computer Futures

Challenging Today's Leaders to Improve Tomorrow

Stephanie Herrera, Vice President of Computer Futures in the US, recently had the opportunity to present at the prestigious Salesforce Trailblazer Event in Indianapolis.

Alongside advisor to the President of the United States and successful entrepreneur, Ivanka Trump, Stephanie shared her story of progression and overcoming career challenges.

She explained her thoughts on the Future of Work and the importance of leadership and mentors in nurturing talent from diverse backgrounds and creating a path to follow. 

Speaking to an audience of influential business leaders from across the globe, she gave an insight into her role at Computer Futures and how the brand, under SThree, is driving change through its global network and expertise in the tech industry. 

Stephanie said: “It was an honour to be invited by Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff to speak at the Salesforce Trailblazer event in Indianapolis recently.

“It was such a wonderful opportunity to be able to address such an important group of people and to share my experiences and thoughts.

“Back in 2012 when I became involved in the Salesforce ecosystem, I had recruiters reaching out to me a few times a week for open jobs. It was at that moment, that I knew I had to share those opportunities with others, who had not yet discovered Salesforce.  This is the main reason I started working with the community via WIT, Salesforce Saturday, Merivis Veterans and PepUp Tech.

“I am passionate about helping people get jobs and that’s a huge part of the reason I joined Computer Futures. We’re driving change across the world by attracting and nurturing communities of specialists and I wanted everyone who attended the event to know about the influence they have.

“In my role as the Global Vice President of Salesforce Practice, I’m committed to opening doors for people in their careers around the world through my platforms, job, relationships and by giving them my time.

“But, as leaders we will all set the tone and direction of how we do business now and in the future. Together, we have the platform and ability to implement and deliver change that will benefit so many people.”

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