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As global specialists within IT and tech recruitment, our dedicated consultants are equipped with extensive knowledge across a range of niche markets and technologies. By joining Computer Futures’ community of professionals, you can unlock the most exciting opportunities within your IT skill set.

So, whether you’re looking for Salesforce Developer jobs, Cyber Security Analyst jobs, or Big Data Analyst jobs, we have a variety of roles on offer. Click below to discover how we can help you access the best roles within your tech specialism.


At Computer Futures we have built up a substantial network of Agile specialists over the past few years. Our Agile team now brings together clients and Agilists on a daily basis to deliver the most challenging projects.

Data Analytics

The data-driven organisation is booming. Especially 'predicting the future' is a valuable part of (advanced) analytics. The rise of Big Data and Data Science makes it possible for companies to better assess business risks and opportunities.

Business Intelligence

For any business, there are so many connected processes that enable everything to come together. Business Intelligence focuses on the use of data to ensure that these processes can be carried out correctly and that the right insights are provided to allow maximum potential.

Cloud & Infrastructure ​

We offer opportunities in Virtualisation, Cloud Computing, DevOps, and Technical Support.

Software Development

We've helped place professionals in a range of jobs across Java, .Net, PHP, and, C#