Computer Futures

Creating Product Focus


September 29, 2022


Borsbeeksebrug 36, 5th floor
2600 Berchem

Computer Futures (in collaboration with IIBA Brussels Chapter) is eager to welcome you on Thursday the 29th of September 2022 for a very visual session with Julia Müller


  • 18h00 Welcome with food
  • 18h30 Start of the Session
  • 21h30 End of the Session
  • Networking afterwards

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Solving customer problems creates value. Unfortunately, most digital products and software development efforts fail to meet customers’ or other stakeholders’ expectations on how well their problems are solved. Products being too slow in realization, getting bloated with unnecessary features or disappointing in important aspects of the user experience are only a few of the commonly named reasons. In organizations these failures are often attributed to losing focus on providing ‘value’ above all the other interrupting things that keep teams busy instead. But why is keeping focus on providing (actual) value so hard?

Focus requires a clear and compelling goal to which everyone can align and based on which we dare to say “no”. In this workshop, Julia will talk about how a product mindset can help teams working on digital products to gain that focus needed to pursue delivering value against all obstacles. The first step consists of understanding why solving their customer problem is so important and making that communicable in a simple way. Next, she will guide participants on how to set up a clear product goal. To get everyone aligned to this common goal we will practice telling a compelling story. Then, Julia will show how the concept “Jobs-to-be-done” can be applied to unleash a team’s motivation and creativity. Consequently, we will discuss how product focus can be used in BA work.

Join this interactive session and bring product focus into applicable practice.

About the Speaker

Julia Müller is an Agile enthousiast who is passionate about solving customer’s problems by creating digital products iteratively. As an analyst, product owner and agile coach she helped various public and commercial organizations in determining what valuable is (and what isn’t), delivering digital products into the hands of users as well as improving the way of doing so in various parts of the organization. Certified in various agile approaches she coaches people to adopt a product mindset. Furthermore, she designs and gives trainings around analysis and product related topics and is competence lead for product management at Ordina.