Artificial intelligence is driving change across all industries, innovating and automating business processes across a range of companies. But how will this impact the recruitment industry - a service which relies on personal relationships to thrive? We take a look at how AI could be a force for positive disruption within recruitment, and help consultants to build even stronger relationships.

Could automating processes actually drive positive customer engagement?

Recruitment is all about personalisation; it’s about building positive relationships and creating life changing partnerships. With this in mind, you could be forgiven for assuming that automation would have a negative impact on the industry. However, by introducing AI to specific elements of a recruiter’s role, recruitment consultants can get the most out of their job.

The essence of recruitment involves human interaction, but like any job, there are some tasks that can easily be carried out by machines. And by automating these elements, there’s no doubt that recruitment consultants can free up more time to offer better customer service. It’s no secret that recruiters need to manage their time effectively; any time saved on administrative tasks means more time speaking to potential candidates; this doesn’t just allow consultants to increase the volume of candidates they’re able to speak to, but gives them more time to become invested in the qualification process and ask more probing, insightful questions.

So, what’s next for AI?

Across the industry, we’re already seeing a range of technologies being introduced that could change the way recruitment is conducted on a global scale. Here’s just a few things in the pipeline:

4 ways AI can enhance personalisation within recruitment

  1. AI improving the process of CV screening
  2. Job advert optimisation
  3. Chat bots automating the recruitment process
  4. Apps allowing for match-making recruitment
  • AI screening CVs

This isn’t just a strategy for saving-time, it’s a process that allows a more accurate method of analysing CV’s. It doesn’t matter who we’re talking about, you can have the hardest working recruiter, with the most attentive mind-set sifting through CV’s. If they’re doing this manually, it’s likely that somewhere along the line, something will slip through the cracks – meaning a company could be missing out on their dream candidate. Artificial intelligence removes the possibility for human error; when analysing CV’s, intelligent robotics can accurately identify and shortlist candidates with the best skills, right location, and appropriate experience. Consultants are then working from a pre-prepared shortlist rather digging through a database of applications and working from scratch.

We’ve already begun implementing some of this at Computer Futures. Using state-of-the-art AI software, we’re able to quickly and efficiently analyse CVs. This sophisticated technology automatically picks out details such as key skills, job history, and even whether a candidate is willing to relocate or not. Combining this intelligent software with hands-on training and excellent analytical skills, our consultants are equipped with all of the tools to find the most appropriate candidates.

  • Job Adverts

Adverts are an excellent platform to reach candidates, but reaching the right audience is easier said than done, and there’s a lot of noise to sift through. Technology now exists to screen adverts; it allows consultants to ensure they’re optimising their adverts to use key words that will reach the right people, as well as avoiding any gender biased language that could put off the perfect candidate. This should allow adverts to be used to optimum effect, and be more likely to reach that perfect candidate who’s out there searching.  

  • Chat bots

The use of chat bots has been predicted by recruitment thought leaders to be one of the biggest drivers for disruption the industry will see going forward. Chat bots act as an initial welcome to customers, giving them a point of contact that has a much more human feel than a list of contact details, offering a more positive candidate experience.  Numerous chat bot programmes have been introduced and are available for recruitment companies to take advantage of. Many also automate the tedious parts of recruitment, such as sourcing, screening, and scheduling – again, lightening the load of recruiters in order to enhance the experience for candidates and clients. In the past, chat bots have been criticised for lacking in a human approach, however innovation is driving the humanistic element of this technology, allowing for a better user experience every day.

  • Apps

Apps are everywhere. They’re disrupting a wide variety of industries across the globe – and recruitment is no exception. According to Levi Claes, Community Manager, at Computer Futures, over the next 10-15 years, recruitment focussed apps could drastically disrupt the industry. He explains, “Many apps are revolutionising the sector, allowing candidates to match with recruiters through AI – the app does all of the technical match making, saving time and ensuring that people with the right skills are paired together. The app is able to create both a strong technical and rough cultural match, and from there it’s up to the recruiter to expand on this and work their magic and create a mutually beneficial partnership. Recruitment is about matching people together; essentially, the technical side of things are given to the recruiter on a plate, AI like this gives recruiters a better platform to produce excellent work. So AI is a friend of candidate, client, and consultant.”

Slowly but surely, artificial intelligence is disrupting the sector, and at Computer Futures, we keep a sharp awareness of the latest trends facing the industry. While many fear the potential changes AI and robotics bring, we’re confident that this will only enable the industry to grow, and provide a stronger, more personalised service for clients and candidates alike. These changes have already begun to change the way recruitment is carried out, and at Computer Futures, we offer a consultative service, tailoring our approach to fit your specific business needs. If you’d like to find out more about how we can offer you personalised and customised recruitment solutions, get in touch with our team today.