There’s a significant skills gap within big data; this year the demand for candidates increased by 128%. As one of the fastest advancing markets within the tech space, candidates with big data skills are highly sought after; something we explored in detail in our big data report. However, within this niche skillset, there’s a lot of opportunities for candidates with an array of data and engineering experience. We spoke to our specialist consultants at Computer Futures to find out more about the market.

What is big data?

Big data essentially refers to large sets of data that impact businesses. While the term big data may be new, the concept of gathering and analysing large amounts of data is something organisations have been doing for many years. The specific skillset required to be a Big Data Architect or Engineer may be niche, but data is an extremely broad term; many professionals don’t realise that they already have a lot of relevant experience to take on a role in this competitive space.

Who’s looking for big data professionals?

Data is everywhere; it’s key to the success of all major businesses, allowing critical decisions to be made. Essentially, all large customer focussed companies need to understand, process and analyse big data. As it’s a relatively new concept, most businesses outsource this resource and use specialist consultancies to fulfil their big data needs. And at Computer Futures, we have access to numerous jobs within big data consultancies.  

While most companies don’t require in-house big data professionals, Marc Powell, Principal Recruitment Consultant, explains that some industries are more likely to adopt this method, “Organisations that process high amounts of data, such as retail, finance, banking, utilities, and manufacturing, often have in-house big data functions. This is due to the frequent amount and size of data they need to process and analyse in order to make decisions that will enhance their customer experience.” At Computer Futures, we have access to the most sought after positions in the market. We tailor our service to find a company who are the right match for you.

What experience is needed?

Big data professionals are extremely in demand, and there’s a big skills shortage within the market. Because of this, most companies appreciate there’s a need for flexibility when hiring candidates. Most organisations understand the chances of getting a highly experienced big data specialist who ticks every single box on the job specification is highly unlikely. As data is such a broad area, there are numerous transferable skills within the space that are attractive to hiring managers.

Candidates with a background in Open Source or Java development are likely to have useful industry knowledge. Similarly, if you’re from a business intelligence or analytics background, this will also help. Jake Heal, Recruitment Consultant, explains, “Our consultants are here to help, and can point you in the right direction. While big data may seem like a specialist skill, it’s a broad area, and if you have a degree of knowledge in the field and are willing to learn, this could be the market for you.”

Most in demand skills within the field?

The importance of soft skills

If you’re interested in taking advantage of opportunities available within big data, showcasing a pro-active attitude is one of the most important attributes that could land you a job. Technical experience is important, but if you can demonstrate a willingness to learn the basic fundamentals of big data principals, this can really help you. Within the market, strong soft skills can make all the difference; dealing with large amounts of business critical data requires an ability to pick things up quickly and work collaboratively, these are key skills that will appeal to employers.

Working with Computer Futures

At Computer Futures, we offer a consultative service and can match you with an opportunity that’s right for you. Take a look at our latest Big Data Engineer and Big Data Architect jobs, by using our job search today. And if you’re unsure about what the right opportunity is for you, speak with one of our dedicated consultants. With a wealth of jobs available, we have a varied range of opportunities on offer. Get in touch with us to find out more.