Self-marketing should be at the top of your to-do list as a freelancer. Because what is true for companies is also true for you as a freelancer: Only those who draw attention to themselves will also be noticed. Certainly, self-marketing is not about calling up large advertising budgets. But in the principle of operation, marketing for freelancers is no different from marketing for a company. It’s merely scaled smaller.

Tip 1: What is your USP?

As a freelancer, always remember you're not out there alone. And why would a client choose you when there are at least a dozen other freelancers who could do the same tasks? One answer to this is your USP.

So before bidding or applying for a job, think carefully about what USPs you can bring to the table.

Top USPs include:

  • Experience
  • Expertise in a niche discipline
  • Additional skills that go beyond the requirements
  • Foreign language skills
  • Willingness to travel
  • References

Tip 2: Build your own website

Companies websites are more than just a virtual business card on the web. You can also consider your homepage as part of your inbound marketing. For example, present yourself there as an expert in your niche/industry by blogging specialist articles. Or optimize your content so that your target group can find you through it and you can offer your target group a solution to their problem.

Important: Maintaining a homepage means time and financial effort. If you start the project, it should also be implemented professionally.

Tip 3: Expand your network via LinkedIn

Professional platforms such as LinkedIn offer the opportunity to build your own network. This network in turn expands your reach. For example, you can regularly share new posts from your blog via your profile or get involved in groups and share your expertise. This gives you the opportunity to connect with potential clients.

Important: Keep the frequency of your posts at a consumable level. Posting too frequently to the network can quickly be interpreted as spam.

Tip 4: Deliver first-class work

The best marketing measure is satisfied customers. Not only do they provide a first-class reference, but they are usually motivated to recommend you to others with a clear conscience. Therefore, you should always carry out every order with full motivation and the goal of always delivering the best possible work.

Furthermore, satisfied customers will always come back to you. And the more regular customers you have, the better protected you are as a freelancer against sales lulls.

Tip 5: Know your target group

Always ask yourself for whom you offer your service. On the one hand, this allows you to search for new customers in a more targeted manner, and on the other hand, you sharpen your profile.

For example, if you narrow down your target group regionally you can target your homepage more specifically to this region. This increases the chance that you will also be found by potential clients from this region. The same also applies if you focus on a specific industry or market.

Tip 6: Find the right niche

As a freelancer, you are one of many who work in the same field. Do you master certain skills that not everyone can? Have you gained expertise in a particular industry? This specialization can help you become a sought-after expert as a freelancer. And especially with your expertise in this niche, you will always have a clear competitive advantage over "all-rounders".

Tip 7: Don't forget aftersales

Every freelancer is happy about a successfully completed order. The customer has paid and then it's on to the next job. However, it is also important for self-marketing as a freelancer to practice customer relationship management.

  • Ask if the client was satisfied with your work.
  • Proactively make suggestions for further cooperation.
  • Mention that you would appreciate a referral.
  • Create a reminder for yourself to check back later to see if there is a need for your assistance.

Contact with the client has another advantage. It allows you to gather important feedback on your work. This feedback helps you to become even better.

Self-marketing starts with your work

Freelancers should not underestimate the positive effect of self-marketing. After all, as a entrepreneur, you are your own one-man/one-woman business, which should naturally advertise itself. And the best self-promotion starts with the quality of your work.