If you have to start looking for the right tech specialists during the operational phase of an IT project, you are hopelessly late. And this applies all the more to specific IT profiles that are currently particularly scarce. Do you also want to get a better grip on your 'Human Tech Capital'? With our four-step plan, you will certainly succeed!

The recruitment and selection of specialists often happens ad hoc and arises from an urgent operational need. In other words, the recruitment challenge is mainly at line management level and is not yet part of a long-term strategic vision, supported at board level. 

How do you manage your 'Human Tech Capital'?

Many of our clients are getting better at optimising their operational IT processes, but some don’t have the management of their human capital enough on their radar. And that's not surprising, because in most organisations, finding, engaging and retaining talent is not their speciality. In addition, the increasing scarcity of IT profiles and a continuously moving labour market makes it complicated for many organisations.

To obtain the right knowledge, it’s important to ask specialised partners for advice. Recruitment and advice on a 'Human Tech Capital' strategy requires specialized knowledge. But there are also a number of important steps you can take yourself to get a grip on your Human Tech Capital.

Step 1 - Map out your needs

Everything starts with a concrete and clear roadmap in the field of technology, IT and/or innovation. Once the roadmap is clear, you can make an estimate of the required capacity, knowledge and skills to realise your projects within the set deadlines and budgets. Its a good idea to immediately test this against the current labour market: are the required capacity, knowledge and skills available at the right time and in the right place?

Step 2 - Train, recruit and/or outsource: make strategic choices

Have you mapped out your needs and the IT labour market? Then you can make strategic choices to realise your roadmap and make your 'Human Tech Capital' future-proof. There are various ways of doing this.

  • If the implementation of a certain system is on the roadmap, you can decide to outsource it to a specialised software partner;
  • Do you want to hire an IT specialists for a longer period of time? Then recruitment and selection of the right profiles is the way to go;
  • If there is a need for expertise that is becoming increasingly scarce, then training your own staff could be a smart investment.

Of course, you can combine all these options to define the most effective Human Tech Capital strategy.

Step 3: Select the right partner(s)

Is the strategy clear? Then its essential to select the right partner(s) to concretise and implement the strategy together. Tip: involve potential or existing partners as early as possible, preferably in step 1, so that they can advise you on the feasibility of the roadmap and the associated strategy.

Step 4: Create the right IT inflow

Is planning and attracting the right IT resource part of your strategy? Then its important to determine an effective and efficient recruitment method. The following issues need to be carefully considered to ensure that you not only find IT talent, but also bring it in.

  • Good employment practices: how attractive are you as an employer? For example, how is the accessibility of the offices and how do you deal with hybrid working as the new normal?
  • The right vacancy text: make sure you put yourself in the shoes of your target group and really create the vacancy for them. It’s only when you know exactly what profile you are looking for and what you have to offer that you have the ingredients for a good vacancy text.

  • The right channel mix: how do you reach the right talent? Do you know where your target group is (online) and how you can catch their attention with your vacancy?

  • Nowadays the job interview is more than ever a two-way conversation. Candidates often have several options, so don't forget to really 'sell' your organisation as an employer to the candidate.

  • Found a new recruit? Share the information with the team and the rest of the internal organisation. Include them in the choice you have made (and more particularly with temporary staff or external specialists) so it’s not seen as a threat by the existing team.

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