Meet Our STEM Heroes Joris

We had the chance to exchange with Joris, one of our specialised consultant at Computer Futures. He is a Software Developer in the IT industry with 6 years of experience. Joris is what we call an Ambassador, benefiting from our Secondment service, meaning he can choose to engage in temporary assignments at companies, with the major difference being that Computer Futures acts as the legal employer. What was his career path? What has Computer Futures meant for his career? Why did he choose to work in the IT industry? 

Can you tell us more about yourself?

My journey began with the completion of my studies in Applied Informatics at Hogent. Shortly after, I secured a Java Consultant role at RealDolmen. This marked the start of my engagement in initial professional projects, including one focused on modernizing a complex system used by legal professionals in Belgium. Additionally, I contributed to creating a contemporary web application for document management. Working with cutting-edge technologies was a highlight during this phase.

After a year at Realdolmen, I sought a more close-knit setting, leading me to Ovinto—a smaller software company in Aalter with a focus on rail industry innovation. Over almost five years, I honed skills in software product development, engaging in diverse aspects of web development. This encompassed architecture, DevOps, infrastructure, and security.

Transitioning to a consultancy role at FreshMinds introduced me to Computer Futures, who facilitated my integration into an intriguing project at SmartTechnics—Colruyt Group's innovation arm. I remain engaged in this role to this day.

On which project are you working on currently and what are your main responsibilities?

Currently, I'm immersed in the "datacapture" project at Colruyt. This initiative centers on leveraging cutting-edge technologies, such as computer vision, to extract data from our stores. This data aids in optimizing stock management and minimizing checkout waiting times, thus enhancing the overall shopping experience for Colruyt's customers.


On a typical day, I commence by addressing the most challenging technical tasks, usually involving programming or debugging. Before noon, our team convenes for a daily standup to align on task prioritization and mutual support in overcoming obstacles. The morning is dedicated to reading emails and updating documentation. Lunchtime at 12:00 provides a bonding opportunity. In the afternoon, I often delve back into programming.

I term this an "average" day, acknowledging the distinctiveness of each day. Some days entail more meetings, while others might involve visiting the store where our pilot is active, and some are entirely programming-focused.

My core responsibility involves application development. Yet, I also oversee the application in production, addressing any arising issues. I work on DevOps to automate processes and establish systems like logging. In essence, my role encompasses the most pressing technical tasks within my capabilities.

What do you like the most about your job?

I am presently engaged in a project at SmartTechnics. This marks my inaugural project with Computer Futures. What I particularly appreciate about my role is the autonomy to structure my own tasks and determine the approach. This level of freedom allows me to explore novel solutions to challenges and deliver my utmost quality of work.

Moreover, we are encouraged to openly discuss strategies for optimizing project outcomes. I find this aspect enjoyable as it contributes to my learning and personal development. It's not solely focused on the technology we employ, but also about the positive impact we can create through our efforts. This is what continually fuels my enthusiasm for my work.

What has Computer Futures meant for your career?

My initial interaction with Computer Futures was exceedingly positive. Our discussion centered on the type of work I aimed to pursue. I sensed a genuine attentiveness on their part.

Subsequently, they diligently embarked on the task of sourcing contracts aligned with our conversation. For each contract they identified, they promptly reached out to provide additional details and gather my perspective.

One of the standout advantages of collaborating with Computer Futures lies in their adeptness at sourcing both job opportunities and clients. This is a challenge I often find daunting on my own. Furthermore, their support in preparing for job interviews is truly commendable. Following each interview, they furnish me with valuable feedback, facilitating my learning and growth.

How would you describe the relationship between the client, yourself and your recruitment consultant at Computer Futures?

The synergy between my client, myself, and my recruitment consultant at Computer Futures resembles a robust team dynamic. My consultant fosters an environment of ease and comfort. They consistently extend a helping hand, whether I require guidance or simply wish to discuss my progress.

Additionally, they maintain regular contact to gauge my well-being. For instance, they might initiate a call to inquire about the project's progress or to offer their assistance in any capacity.

This collaborative rapport significantly streamlines and enhances my work experience.

Why did you choose to work in the IT sector?

During my stint as a courier, I discovered that I was spending my evenings and weekends writing programs – a pursuit I grew to love.

What drew me to the realm of IT was the profound sense of liberation. Through programming, I could materialize anything my imagination conjured. The process of conceiving a system and subsequently breathing life into it with code was nothing short of exhilarating.

As you might know our company’s purpose is “Bringing skilled people together to build the future”. Which impact do you think your role has on society, how do your achievements contribute in shaping our future?

I believe computer technology has profoundly impacted the world in various positive ways, and its transformative influence will continue. Computers have played a pivotal role in enhancing multiple aspects of our lives.

In my ongoing project, our focus is on enhancing the shopping experience for all. Our endeavour involves ensuring that stores consistently offer what customers desire to purchase. Additionally, we're committed to minimizing waiting times at checkout. This concerted effort contributes to an improved shopping journey for customers.

However, our impact extends beyond customers alone. Our work also positively affects store personnel. They gain real-time insights into store performance, witnessing the tangible difference they contribute.

What are your next objectives regarding your career? 

In the future, I aim to keep growing in my career. I want to continue learning, both about new technologies and about how to work better with people.

I have faith in Computer Futures to support my career growth. They've shown me that they really listen to what I want. When they're looking for job opportunities for me, they keep my goals in mind. This gives me confidence that they can help me get to where I want to be in my career.

What advice would you give to someone that aspires to start his/her career in your industry/sector?

If you're starting out as a programmer, it can seem like there are too many options. You might not know where to begin. My advice is: just pick a path and give it a try. Start coding, start building, and start experimenting.

The important thing is to keep going. You might discover that the path you chose isn't the right one for you. That's okay. You've still learned something. You've learned what you don't enjoy, and that can help you find what you do enjoy.

Remember, it's okay to change your path. I've done it myself, and it's helped me find what I truly love doing.

Above all, have fun! Enjoy the process of learning and creating.

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