If you look back at the last few decades in software development, you’ll find that a number of changes have taken place. There are now more open source languages, libraries, and frameworks available. And as a result, we’ve seen more opportunities than ever before. But where is software development heading? We spoke with Harry Porter to find out more. 

The current software development situation

When looking at the current situation, Harry says, “Now, more than ever, technologists will need to become language agnostic, rather than the master of one. From speaking with a number of our customers, the best way to achieve this is by mastering the foundations of computer science, mastering OO techniques (Object Orientated), and becoming competent in SOLID principles.”

As with many aspects of IT, right now, the main focus is customer experience. As InfoWorld explains, companies are eager to connect with their customers on a far more personal level. With more companies looking to make their customers’ journey as smooth and convenient as possible, we’re seeing an increasing number of apps being taken to market.

Smart apps give organisations of all sizes, in all industries, valuable insight into popular customer trends and behaviours. It’s this insight that gives the company the ability to better serve each individual customer, by personalising the service based on their habits. For example, chat-bots are becoming a more common means of ensuring customers get quick responses that are tailored to their specific needs. 

In recent years, we’ve also seen more companies looking to outsource their software development. This doesn’t necessarily mean outsourcing abroad; instead there’s a focus on using organisations that specialise in software development and other aspects of the project instead. 

Challenges being faced in software development

There are a number of challenges being faced within software development, both for professionals and those seeking to hire them. The first of which is customer demand. As more apps and software releases are revealed, the demand for new, innovative ideas increases, leaving companies (and therefore software developers) constantly trying to keep up with demand. 

Developers also face the challenge of trying to integrate various systems and technologies, which can increase the complexity of a project quite dramatically, and therefore the time taken to complete it. As a result, developers are having to become more agile in order to make strategic decisions quickly. 

Is there a software developer skills shortage?

In order to ensure projects are completed on time and to a high standard, companies are keen to find the greatest software developers. However, this is sometimes being met with a skills shortage which then leads to high competition for roles. 

To overcome the potential skills shortage, more companies are open to accepting candidates who don’t necessarily have the exact experience they’re looking for. As NewStatesman Tech have said, a number of the skills a developer has would suit a variety of tasks, applications, and platforms. And thanks to particular tools and frameworks, this is now even easier.

As Harry explains, “A key area in which I see skills shortages is around building scalable and robust solutions when it comes to data. More companies are looking for clean coding, something that was introduced by Robert ‘Uncle Bob’ Martin.”

By focusing on this, companies are better able to manage their technical debt, will see a reduction in bugs, and will have scalability to cope with future demands and functionality.

The future of software development

So what does the future of software development look like? Well, according to Huffington Post, it’s looking positive as there’s still a lot of innovation required. For as long as smart homes, AI, hardware, and robots are around, software developers are going to be required to ensure each solution is correctly integrated and updated. 

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