Embedded technology

Embedded technology functions as part of a complete device or system – whether it’s hardware or software, tech is integrated into mechanical or electrical systems. Found across a wide range of complex industries such as automotive, IoT and consumer electronics, energy, logistics and more, defined skillsets are required to write, create and test solutions and optimise performance. 

From highly specialised software engineers and developers to test, electronics and mechanical design engineers, we’ve got the embedded tech market covered. We specialise in providing all resource needs across the product lifecycle, matching sought-after specialists with exciting employers.

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Our areas of expertise

  • Embedded software Embedded software
  • Electronics Electronics
  • Testing Testing
  • Semiconductors Semiconductors
  • Mechanical design Mechanical design
  • Project delivery Project delivery
  • IoT / wireless connectivity IoT / wireless connectivity
  • Applications and mobile applications Applications and mobile applications

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