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Webinar: Decomposition for starters

A beginner's guide to going from problem to class design.

How do you start with a project? Do you know how to go from problem to a set of classes that will solve your problem? When you are a starting developer, this is not an easy thing to do. How do you know that your design is good enough? Where do you start?

All of these questions can make the task feel overwhelming. But fear not! This is exactly what we will be talking about. In this webinar we will decompose a problem case into a good starting set of classes. And while we are at it, the speaker will share his insights on why we do what we do.

About the speaker

Nicholas Ocket started programming shortly after watching the movie ‘The Matrix’ in 1999. Delighted by the freedom and the creativity that programming brings, he dropped his dreams of becoming a fighter jet pilot and went straight for a career in software development.

Along the way he became passionate about data and visualisations and all the cool stuff you can do on the web. Today, five companies and a handful of side projects later, Nicholas is driven by coaching and mentoring. The industry today lacks senior level mentors and he is eager to fill that gap. His ambition: teach the newbies and teach them well!

Target audience

Novice Java developers


16:00 - Welcoming by Christophe Hellemans, Java Market Expert of Computer Futures Belgium

16:10 - Speaker Nicholas - 'Decomposition for starters'

16:45 - Q&A and closing

17:00 - End

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