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08-06-2021 | Webinar - 50 shades of analysis; business & functional analysis demystified

Curious to know more about business and functional analysis? Watch the replay of our webinar!

Confusion is everywhere and legal standards are lacking. In a never ending best effort IT and non-IT professionals are trying to define what business & functional analysis should cover. Since standardization and formalization is hardly ever found this leads to over expectation and underperforming. Moreover disclosing analysis finding over time and space is seldom found. There are however possibilities to amend this frustration. Let me take you on a journey of clear definitions, expected deliverables and methodological approach of analysis.

Target audience:

(HR) Management & analysts: business analysts, functional analysts, product owners, product managers, project managers, testers, recruiters, key-users... and all others involved in the software development lifecycle and business/IT alignment.

About the speaker - Filip De Sutter

Empowered entrepreneur working together with a skilled team of Business & IT professionals for enthusiastic customers

Cofounder at IIBA Brussels Chapter

CEO of Queaso Services bv & Systray Solutions bvba

Filip has a wide experience both on the technical and on the functional side. He started in the mid eighties as a software designer giving to his career the solid foundations needed to be successful.

The wide panel of activity sectors (small & medium enterprises, public, retail, automotive, security, large companies,etc.) where he has been active, gave him the opportunity to gain functional knowledge in almost every domain of the management computer science. This gave him also the opportunity to play multiple technical and non technical roles, on the same or on different projects.

Business wise Filip has a perfect mastery in functional & business analysis, business process re-engineering, reverse engineering, business process innovation and business strategy.

As a senior professional he keeps his managerial skills updated and finished an MBA in order to adhere to today's high business standards. A fellowship training in juridical expertise completes his actual skills.

His MBTI indicator is ISTJ.

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