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16-06-2021 | Webinar - Security by Design in Software Development

Curious in learning more on how security principles and goals can be instilled in the software development lifecycle? Have a look at the replay of our webinar!

To be able to deliver software with security built-in at the core, it takes more than secure coding practices alone. In this talk we will show how security principles and goals that are widely recognized in the industry, can be instilled in the software development lifecycle as concrete, actionable items. This makes security related work explicit, measurable, and helps balancing the costs and benefits involved.

About the speaker

Joris Windmolders obtained a Masters of Computer Sciences and a PhD in applied mathematics. He has been working in several software development related roles. Currently he is responsible for internal privacy and security trainings at Cegeka, and he helps teams to instil the privacy and security guidelines in their daily activities, as well as building security controls into their new or legacy products. He combines this role with software development in automation, mobile and computational geometry.

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