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Webinar: how to move along in the fast moving world of data-driven technology

Insights in how to choose your data technology and architecture

If you are a start-up, or start from scratch, you have the luxury to choose the latest technology, yet probably you have strict deadlines and no budget to keep evolving in a fast moving technology landscape.

On the other hand, if you are a big company, you might have budget, yet so many stakeholders depending on you and possibly a long decision trajectory, that you as well have difficulties to stay on par. Only looking to data in the last 10 years, you have the rise of the Hadoop eco-system, vendors stepping in like Cloudera and Hortonworks and stepping out or merging, a shift to the Spark eco-system, more companies adopting the open source versions, a bigger adoption of cloud technologies and many companies stepping in to provide you with managed services.

If you try to keep using the latest technology, you end up implementing more new stuff, than you can phase out legacy. If you do nothing, you find yourself quite fast outdated. Either way, you have a lot of operational backpacks weighing on you. And even if you try to be picky, you will end up with some wrong choices, longing for a new change or even desiring to go back in time.

In this talk, Wannes Rosiers will reveal how DPG Media tries to untie the spaghetti architecture we have been creating for years and how we will try to keep being a front-runner in data technology without recreating the spaghetti.

Wannes has followed a bit of an atypical path to end up in IT. He studied math - abstract math - both as a master as a PhD. Afterwards he did a side step towards being a professional volleyball player. This however seemed to be the perfect introduction to be leading data science teams: he started at Cronos where he was one of the founders and the leader of the (Big) data science consultancy firm Infofarm, until he noticed consultancy was not his thing. Physically he crossed the street to the neighbors of Essent, an energy supplier, where he got the opportunity to build a new cloud and open source based data platform from scratch. With a high focus on being the pioneers of the Big Data landscape of the mother company Innogy - where he was lead data science and innovation for a while - he as well took the lead of the Belgian BI landscape.

The last 9 months he was IT manager at interim too. At that moment he made the shift towards DPG Media, heading the data engineering department for both Belgium as The Netherlands, getting the data scientists as stakeholders. He currently heads a team of 8 tagging & tracking experts, more or less 30 data engineers, 12 machine learning engineers and a product development team focusing on a highly personalized product.

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