Computer Futures

25-11-2020 | Webinar: Electron - why you should use it?

Discover more about the Electron technology and why you should use it.

Electron is a fantastic technology that leverages Chromium capabilities to bring web technologies across major desktop operating systems. In this talk you can find out why you should consider Electron when thinking to develop a cross-platform desktop application, you will find out how mature and active the Electron ecosystem and how powerful the framework actually is. This talk centralizes all the tips and things I learned after almost 2 years of Electron development, what you can do with the framework and what might be best to avoid.

Different topics will be covered:

1. Speaker's intro

2. Electron - what is it and why would you use it

3. Who uses/apps made with electron

4. Pros/cons electron

5. Useful libraries know in electron ecosystem

6. Tips and tricks (mostly what I wish I knew when starting working with electron)

7. Some small code examples

Target audience

Developers with an interest in Javascript

About the speaker

Danut Codrescu is a self-taught web developer focused on the Javascript ecosystem, currently working for Collibra, the Data Intelligence Company. His programming journey started with the challenging task of building an internal CRM desktop application for an event management company and since then he transitioned towards web development, playing a lot with React, Nodejs, D3, Electron, serverless and GraphQL. He is very passionate about the potential and impact of Javascript and always looking for a cool new library/framework for his next project.

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