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Why now is a good time to move if you work with Java

We may still be climbing the steep slopes of recovery after too long spent in the miserable lowlands of recession, but if you’re a Java developer there’s never been a better time to think about leaving your job and finding another.

IT has never been the most cautious business sector and workers are absolutely not geared up to the notion of a job for life. Even so, outsiders might think, we’re not yet ready to throw everything up in the air.

But for coders, these are exciting times. Confidence is growing in business and big projects are being set up in every sector from construction and education to healthcare. And where there’s a new project, there’s technology, software and a role for coders.

Big data

Java developers are being attracted to many new projects because of the chance to get involved in big data, with all of the opportunities it presents.

Big data is very much the future for Java developers and the chance to get in early shouldn’t be passed up. The smart worker will spend some time on a big project then use the experience gained to start looking at project management.

Even though there are more jobs than developers at the moment, those with project management and team leader experience are clearly going to get the pick of the vacancies.

Open source developments

The Java community is more confident about the future than for some time. Open source is, as Levi Claes of Computer Futures’ Antwerp office says, “getting hotter and hotter and the possibilities are getting bigger and bigger. Java is gaining territory all over the developers’ community.”

Jumping on board a young or innovative enterprise is a good career move in the longer term. If you’re on trend with Java and other languages, and you’re at the cutting edge of open source developments, your marketability will go through the roof.


As investors begin to return to the market, they are keen to use bright, self-starting workers to develop start-up companies. Again, the chance to be in on the ground floor with something potentially big is a powerful attraction.

Perhaps the most obvious – and compelling – reason for moving to another position is salary. Java developers are in such short supply that employers are almost falling over each other to hire.
It’s a candidate’s market, so if you can offer the right skill set and the promise of fitting in well with your developer colleagues, you will have your choice of jobs.

What are you waiting for? Get that CV in order and pick up the phone to your recruiter now.