Computer Futures

Computer Futures at the NHS Conference 2016

Approved Supplier for the NHS

Launching the health check search tool at the recent NHS Confederation annual conference and exhibition 2016, Computer Futures is part of the industry helping the NHS increase efficiencies, improve care and reduce costs.

As an approved supplier for the NHS, Computer Futures worked with NHS directors and managers to offer solutions to some of their most challenging recruitment needs.

Ruth Laird, Consultant at Computer Futures Public Sector in Manchester and her team, gave demonstrations of the health check search tool across the three day conference and found many directors and managers are struggling with finding specific digital and healthcare roles.

Finding niche roles

“A core theme apparent at the conference was the critical need to place decision makers in roles that will streamline processes and health care requirements across the NHS and the private sector for healthcare,” says Ruth."

“Our health check search tool was able to gather every single CV that directly relates to the key skills needed by the directors and managers and provide them with a long list of skilled matches."

“We were able to niche down on particular role requirements and in certain locations and hospitals, and provide expert advice about how to recruit within the market."

“Our ability to offer a health-check for your department demonstration allowed us to show, more than 2,000 attendees at the conference how we can find people with the right skills for their business,” says Ruth.

Conference learnings

"Based on the five key themes of the conference, listed below, our main objective was to offer recruitment solutions to the most challenging NHS roles right now."

  • Culture - Building a culture with patients and individuals at the centre of care delivery
  • Localism - Strengthening system leadership to help improve care locally
  • New models - Delivering new models of care to meet people's needs
  • Sustainability - Ensuring sustainable services fit for future generations
  • Workforce - Developing the workforce as our greatest asset to drive change

“Right now, it’s about supporting the digital transformation of the NHS, clinical systems and filling continuing healthcare nurse assessor roles. As well as a range of corporate functions from senior appointments and operational management to clinical governance, risk and safety,” continues Ruth.

“The extensive power of our search tool allowed us to drill down to specific skill demands and demonstrate our capabilities to support the recruitment requirements of the NHS."

Forward movement of the NHS

“The conference was a great opportunity to increase the visibility of Computer Futures within the NHS. We were able to identify the workforce pain points and find solutions through our search tool."

“Our ability to support the recruiting challenges of today, puts us in a strong position to support the NHS needs of tomorrow."

“As we look forward, we understand that once the digital transformation is complete the next big skillset requirements will be in business change. With these new systems, the workforce will need to be trained and roles needed to oversee the implementation of the transformation."

“It’s our continued ambition to support the NHS and provide tailored recruitment solutions to meet their targets, drive efficiencies and ensure healthcare remains accessible and sustainable for the future."

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