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Talent Transforming Digital

Companies are competing endlessly for the digital edge, to be market leaders and early adopters. Yet, the sustainability of competition can only succeed when digital becomes integral and a core part of everyday business. To achieve this, the best talent is needed to drive digital transformation and realign business models, processes, and competencies in this fast paced world.

Helping drive digital at Interxion is Mark Lewis, VP of Outbound Marketing who says, “no longer is it an off or on line experience, it’s all digital. Marketing tools which didn’t exist or existed as individual applications are now habitually cloud-based, and the relation between cloud and marketing and the ability to use technologies to communicate is paramount.”

Tools to deliver

Working with Computer Futures to place Mark in his current role, Richard Thexton, Business Manager at Computer Futures says the team are placing more marketing and technology or MarTech talent than ever before. “The relationship between departments is changing, they are now much more integrated, and communication is more open and transparent. There is a shared cross-functional goal to deliver a digital transformation and these core skills are an asset to any company,” says Richard.  

Mark continues “the tech tools to deliver marketing communications now has given us the opportunity to reach customers more effectively and efficiently. Automation tools allow us to structure communications we couldn’t before through programmatic methodology. It gives us more precise content on a greater scale, improved targeting and moves us beyond the current IT restrictions.”

“The ability to derive data with customer insights was previously very basic. Now, companies can bring together huge data sets, and interrogate and analysis them with new insights, which is already starting to change how we target messages and how we produce content. With the spend and accuracy of data tools now highly targeted and developed over shorter timescales, the skillset for a marketer to adopt and understand the tools and keep pace with the change is central to their role,” says Mark.

At the core we innovate

“Driving a digital agenda requires a team of talent who can adapt and invest resources into a company’s strategy to have digital as a core competency. Preparation is key to achieving successful long-term strategic advantages and building on historical technologies that are entrenched in companies,” says Richard.

“Some companies believe they are transforming, in essence they are simply upgrading their technology. This increases efficiency in the short term but after three or so years this ends. That’s why digital transformation is important to the long-term strategy of a company. Long-term digital strategies require innovation and this is how market leaders are created and companies grow their market share,” says Richard.

Where are we going?

Mark continues, “AdTech (Advertising Technology) is a fast growing area that’s maturing and now this space is seeing growth and shifting into MarTech. MarTech brings across cloud based tool, insight and behavioural targeting from AdTech. Its powerful set of cloud based tools and development will be focused more on MarTech and will be spread out across the marketing mix space. It’ll move beyond advertising and become a broader marketing tool and cloud is well placed to support this. The challenge is speed and keeping pace with the technology changes. These changes need to be implemented in the business as quickly as possible and having a high calibre of talent will achieve this,” concludes Mark.

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