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Computer Futures IR35 Discussion

Changes in legislation can easily incite confusion and uncertainty in organisations, and the new procedure surrounding IR35 is no exception. With the majority of contractors in the Public Sector being affected, we were eager to shed some light on the situation.

With uncertainty surrounding the issue, we decided to hold a series of seminars in order to better educate those in the Public Sector as to what’s going on, how this affects them and what they can do to use this to their advantage. 

At the events, we were eager to articulate the options that are available to contractors and how Computer Futures can assist them. We were joined by our Commercial Director Andy Hallett who delivered a speech detailing how IR35 legislation can affect organisations and their contractors, giving all those concerned the opportunity to share in our expert knowledge.

Head of Healthcare for Computer Futures, Vaibhav Malaviya expressed happiness over the success of the event. He felt it was an informative and collaborative event that allowed contractors and hiring managers an opportunity to go forward with a better understanding of the new legislation.

The event also gave an opportunity for those in attendance to learn how Computer Futures can support them and their organisations in understanding and determining their IR35 status. Participants left feeling confident that Computer Futures can assist with the administrative burdens for direct contractors and that we have the infrastructure to support any determination and working practice.

Due to the success of these seminars, we will be holding further events on 17th and 24th February. If you’re wondering about how the changes could affect you and your business then please register to attend or contact Rajani Hore on 020 7907 3818.


Alternatively, download our Customer and Contractor IR35 guidelines here or view our Client and Contractor products to see how we can assist you further.