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Making the global shortfall of cybersecurity talent work for you

With more cyber-attacks happening than ever before, companies are increasingly aware that they need to invest in a cybersecurity team. However, the demand for professionals in the industry is being met by a global skills shortage. In this article, we look at why there’s a shortfall and how to use that to your advantage as a cybersecurity specialist.

The global cybersecurity shortfall

It’s estimated that by 2022, there’ll be a global shortfall of 1.8 million cybersecurity professionals. One of the key reasons behind the increasing shortage of talent in the industry is the ageing workforce. Currently only 12% of the UK cybersecurity workforce is under 35 years old, with 53% over 45. This tells us that, in the future, when those over 45 years of age retire, there won’t be as many skilled professionals left to fill the gap.

In a survey conducted by Center for Cyber Safety and Education, it was revealed that only 10% of those surveyed believe the highest demand is for entry-level hires. This suggests that companies are actively seeking those with more experience in the industry, despite the number decreasing. As a result, we’re seeing much higher levels of demand and more companies increasing their salaries in order to compete with each other and attract candidates. 

GDPR is opening doors for professionals

According to Mandiant M-Trends 2016, the average time taken to discover a breach is 146 days. When GDPR is fully integrated in 2018, organisations will only have 72 hours to report a breach. As such, the introduction of EU GDPR means that having a cybersecurity team in place is something all companies are starting to realise they need.

Not only that, they know they need to have a team of professionals in place by May 2018, if they want to prove they’re doing everything they can to comply. This suggests that the demand for highly qualified, experienced cybersecurity workers isn’t likely to slow down.

As Paul Toal, Client Relationship Manager at Computer Futures, explains, “Security is easily the biggest problem every company is going to have to deal with. Security issues are on everyone’s mind.”

Turn their challenge into your opportunity

With so many companies looking to expand their cybersecurity team, and with the demand for experienced professionals so high, there are a lot of options available. This puts you in a great position, as it’s a very candidate-driven market at the moment.

It’s not just salaries that are increasing as a result of the demand; we’re also seeing companies offering more varied benefits and improved flexibility in order to appeal to candidates. So whilst the diminishing cybersecurity talent pool is a challenge for organisations, it’s creating a lot of opportunity for professionals in the industry.

Whether you’re looking for a permanent or contract job, there’s a number of vacancies out there. Here at Computer Futures, we work with companies of all sizes across the world, giving us access to the most sought-after cybersecurity jobs.

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