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Smart ticketing: The smarter way to travel

By the end of 2018, it’s expected that paper train tickets will be a thing of the past; thanks to innovative technologies, smart ticketing will be launched nationally across all rail services. But in order for this transition to be successful, a wealth of technical talent will be needed. As the country’s rail industry prepares to go paperless, Computer Futures have established themselves as the leading recruiter for smart ticketing. We spoke to Josh Hutchison, Senior Recruitment Consultant at Computer Futures, to find out more.

What is smart ticketing?

We live in a digitally dominated world where countless every day commodities are accessed through smart devices. Digitalised boarding passes and oyster cards allow customers to store the data they need to travel on one device, rather than rely on paper tickets. Furthermore, with a registered oyster card, you’re able to cancel a lost card and transfer your money over to a new one. This type of ticketing offers an added level of reassurance for customers.

Now, this technology’s extending to wider train networks, meaning customers can access train tickets easily without having to use traditional payment methods to buy tickets. Since 2002, specialist company, ITSO, have been enhancing technologies that enable customers to both purchase and access tickets. Put simply, smart ticketing is a system that electronically stores a travel ticket on a microchip, which can then be embedded onto a smartcard.

Why is smart ticketing happening?

The introduction of a contactless smartcard, as opposed to a paper ticket, allows customers a quicker, more convenient travel experience. Josh expands, “Advancements in technology have changed attitudes towards customer experiences in every way. Nowadays, there’s an expectation that everything can be digitalised. People don’t want to carry around paper tickets and paying for things digitally is second nature. With so many sectors of the transport industry digitalising their tickets, this is a necessary move for the rail industry.”

What impact will smart ticketing have on recruitment?

As the industry prepares to completely change its ticketing process, it’s essential the right people are in place to carry out the project effectively. Due to the specialist skills required to work on smart ticketing, a range of professionals are in high demand within the industry. Project Managers, Business Analysts, Test Managers and Technical Analysts and Architects are just some of the most highly sought after roles.

Josh explains why these professionals are so in demand, “There’s definitely a skills gap due to a lack of professionals with ITSO experience. Smart ticketing is a very difficult industry to break into without prior experience as the technology is so specialist and specific to the industry. However, thanks to government funding pushing the project forward, there’s now a wealth of opportunity for people with this experience. And the roles are varied, with both permanent and contract jobs available.”

What skills are ITSO looking for?

Smart ticketing requires a set of niche skills, but if you don’t have specific ITSO experience you could still find yourself in high demand. Josh explains, “We’re looking for people who have knowledge of payment systems, you could have worked in banking for example. Alternatively, if you have additional transport experience, you could have numerous useful skills for the project.” At Computer Futures, we have the chance to impact this programme on a national scale, and we’re passionate about finding the best talent out there to help make smart ticketing a huge success.

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