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The value of home working

As flexible working becomes a standard benefit for many jobs, the amount of people regularly working from home has increased significantly. By 2020 it’s expected that 50% of employees in the UK will work remotely in some capacity. We spoke to some of our consultants to find out how home working can be beneficial to both employer and employee.

Cost effectiveness of home working

Above all else, home working keeps costs down across the board. Obviously, if an employee is working from home, this significantly reduces the cost of running an office. An empty desk means an employer can save on cost and potentially afford to invest in additional labour, maximising business opportunities. Furthermore, if enough people are permanently working remotely, this offers potential for employers to reduce the overall cost of office space.

A Chinese travel website called Ctrip conducted a study into remote working, allowing employees to work from home for nine months. It’s estimated the company saved an average of $1,900 per employee on furniture and space.

Additionally, there’s a significant amount of potential savings for candidates. According to a global study, people could save around $2,000 a year when working from home. While the precise amount is variable depending on the city you live in, people spend a great deal of money on a working day, with food, coffee and transport racking up huge bills for employees. Working from home eliminates this cost.

Productivity when working from home

The study by Ctrip didn’t just showcase monetary savings, but also highlighted increased productivity, with people working from home completing 13.5% more calls than those working in the office. This essentially meant Ctrip got an extra working day out of those working from home.

According to Marc Powell, Senior Recruitment Consultant at Computer Futures, “An office environment can come with a lot of distraction and therefore productivity can really be increased when working remotely. Most people wouldn’t want to work from home all of the time but, for a lot of people, a balance between the home and office can provide the perfect working environment.”

Harry Porter, Principal Recruitment Consultant at Computer Futures expanded on this, “Home working isn’t necessarily for everyone. For people managers it can be important to be with your team and lead from the front; that said occasional remote working is easily manageable. However, for many it is possible to conduct their duties remotely. I feel it comes down to the individual person, the company they’re working for and the task they’re performing.”

The importance of benefits

We recently spoke about the importance of benefits for candidates and the attraction of flexible working. Tom Rees, Associate Business Manager at Computer Futures, explained, “Flexible working’s becoming more common for most businesses. As such, most companies now offer some basic form of flexible working benefit.” With 92% of candidates saying they’d like the option of home working, this is a huge pull for potential employees.

At Computer Futures, we work with a range of companies offering a variety of flexible working options. If you’re looking for your next opportunity, take a look at our job search to find out more. Alternatively, if you’re looking to grow your team and want to find the right candidate for your organisation, get in touch today.