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Building your cyber security network online

Networking is an important part in the search for the right job or contract. A connection with the right person means you could learn a lot more about an area you love, or you could also gain greater visibility on jobs/contracts that are relevant to you. It is always a good idea to be active in your area of interest within IT, and joining in on online forums/networks within the cyber security community is no different!

With so many cyber specialists online, there are plenty of forums where professionals communicate with each other to share opinions and knowledge. Below are just some platforms which could help you expand your network and therefore your possibilities!

Cyber Security Forum Initiative - CSFI
This LinkedIn group consists of no less than 111,000 specialists. If you have questions, comments and other cyber security related updates, this is the place to go!

Cyber Talks

With content curated and written by leading security professionals, Cyber Talks is a great hub of knowledge for those in the cyber space to get a grasp on what leaders in the industry are saying and what the hot topics are.

Daniel Meissler
American cyber security expert and blogger. His newsletter is highly valued: it ends up in more than 30,000 inboxes, and he also has his own podcast.

National Cyber Security Centre

While maybe not a forum or group, the NCSC is a great resource for all things cyber nationally and locally. They've several tools and tips aimed and informing and updating both business and cyber professionals.

Quora is one of the most famous forums in the world. With so many different users, it should come as no surprise that many cyber security specialists also share their knowledge here.

This is an award-winning site where news, blogs and industry insight is shared from the ESET security community. The articles are available in different languages. 

Wilders Security
At the time of writing this article, the platform contains over 2.5 million questions, opinions and discussions about the security world. Thousands of specialists ask questions on this forum and answer questions from other specialists in the field. It's a fantastic knowledge sharing hub.

There are thousands of other platforms and forums that could be of interest to you. For almost all topics within cyber security there is a community where people work together to learn more. Therefore, be as active and involved in them as much as possible in these current circumstances.

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