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Computers Futures partner with Care Banking

Computer Futures is proud to announce our partnership with Care Banking to help enable and bring skilled people together to build the future.

With the resumption of NHS CHC assessments local health and social care systems have needed to ensure an efficient process to manage assessments (including the use of Trusted Assessor Model and digital assessments) and to secure sufficient staff to manage workloads.

As a digital enabler, Care Banking will support the NHS on digital assessments and as a leading supplier of CHC professionals, Computer Futures will support the NHS on alleviating staffing shortfalls.

About Care Banking

Care Banking is a market leading technology provider offering revolutionary solutions across Health and Social Care to deliver efficiencies whilst improving quality. They understand the challenges faced by commissioning bodies in enabling safe and effective care; their products and services can transform an organisation's effectiveness and improve service outcomes. Find out more here.

About Computer Futures

As one of the largest suppliers of Continuing Healthcare (CHC) interim professionals in the UK our specialist team has made over 1,061 placements over the last three years across 94 NHS organisations.

View our latest healthcare jobs or to find out how Computer Futures can support your organisation with quality interim CHC professionals, then get in touch by filling out the form below; we’ll be in touch shortly.

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