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Stick or twist: when to modernise the legacy system

21 Apr 2022

The decision to modernise legacy systems doesn’t come lightly to companies. We explore where the line is and when you can be sure the benefits outweigh the risks.

What can hiring managers do to secure tech talent?

03 Mar 2022

A highly competitive market is making it difficult to recruit technology professionals, but there are strategies hiring managers can adopt to tip the balance in their favour...

Why should net zero matter to tech companies?

10 Feb 2022

Increased scrutiny of companies’ climate impact is as much an opportunity as a threat for the sector and help is out there to navigate reporting challenges...

Six ways that start-ups can stand out to developers

03 Nov 2021

Many development companies face stiff competition for talent. So how can they stand out from the crowd?

Five ways tech companies can speed up their hiring process

30 Sep 2021

When it comes to securing the best technology talent, it’s important to move fast. Talent shortages in this sector mean most candidates will not struggle to find offers, and businesses with slow hiring processes are likely to see the best talent slip through the net.

How to turn data from embedded systems into a marketable service

25 Aug 2021

As the product-as-a-service market grows, we ask how data from embedded systems can be successfully commercialised

circuit board for emedded technology

Navigating a competitive embedded talent market

27 Jul 2021

The initial impact of the pandemic on the embedded software market is starting to ease and in the long term the skills shortage is likely to deepen

Nurse, Vaccine Scientist, Logistics Manager, Financial Services app and Software developer working from home

Thank you, STEM

22 Jul 2021

As lockdown comes to an end in the UK, Tom Way, SThree’s Managing Director UK & Ireland, shares his gratitude for some of the sectors we must be most thankful for

5 ways to help your workforce embrace warehouse AI

02 Jun 2021

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is being deployed in warehouses around the world. Whether they are preventing bottlenecks, reducing damage to goods or helping operators to fulfil customer requirements on time, AI systems are creating safer, more efficient warehouses.

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