* The Data Science team within the American healthcare company's Japan division is seeking an exceptional Senior Manager/Principal Data Scientist with a strong passion for crafting, developing, and implementing data mining solutions that directly benefit patients, customers, and professionals.

* As part of our commitment to fostering a data-driven culture across the organization, the Data Science Function is empowered to explore and scrutinize data to unearth valuable insights, patterns, and profound insights that translate into tangible business benefits.

* The Senior Manager/Principal Data Scientist is tasked with leading thought leadership initiatives and influencing C-suite executive decision-making by harnessing various data solutions and AI capabilities. To realize this vision, it is vital to deliver the most cutting-edge data solutions and drive AI/ML capabilities at a scale that permeates throughout the entire company.

* Reporting directly to the Director of Business Intelligence, the Senior Manager/Principal Data Scientist will oversee a team of data scientists responsible for designing, developing, and implementing methods, processes, and systems for consolidating and analyzing diverse "big data" sources. The aim is to generate actionable insights, solutions, and visualizations that address critical business inquiries, ultimately serving the needs of patients and customers.

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