As the world continues to evolve in response to an ongoing situation, many aspects of our day to day lives are changing – and our careers are no exception. Across all industries, while many professions are facing an uncertain time, other jobs are proving to be highly in demand.  

Switching up your tech career 

This pattern is true for the IT and technology industry – it’s a space that’s constantly evolving, so demand patterns for skillsets are always going to be changing, but unsurprisingly, the market is especially volatile at the moment.  

Generally speaking, as the world relies more heavily than ever on technology to keep us connected, IT roles are highly in demand right now. But due to the current situation, a lot of tech specialists are having to move into slightly different areas and apply their expertise to new roles. So, if you’re an IT pro whose considering new opportunities at the moment, its likely you’ll be thinking about the transferable skills at your disposal and where these could take you. 

Cyber security jobs – is now the right time to make a move? 

One area of the tech industry that is facing an increase in demand right now is cyber security – this ever-expanding area hasn’t slowed down in the quest for talent. So, whether you’ve considered a career in the cyber security space before, or the current situation requires you to make a movewe pulled together some insights to help you figure out whether it’s the right step for you. 

What is the job market like? 

Look, security is always going to be a priority for businesses - the risk of a breach is just too damaging to entertain – enormous financial loss and massive reputational damage follows companies who haven’t taken the appropriate investment in security measures. As a result, the job market is always booming.  

Transferable skills 

As we mentioned above, right now, transferable skills across tech are really important. So, if you’ve got some of this experience already, you might want to start browsing cyber security jobs.  

General IT experience  whatever your current specialism, a strong understanding in technology will be crucial for you to land any cyber security jobs in the UK. And this will be an absolute must on any cyber security job description.  

There are a few roles in particular that can provide a good starting point for those looking to move into cyber security  roles like system administrators or information analysts could really help you out. 

Above all else, a decent understanding of hardware, software, and networks will really help you out. 

And of course  - the soft skills… 

It’s not just about the technical points you can rack up on your CV. The mindset needed to perform well in cyber security jobs is key and could be the key indicator as to whether this is a career that’s right for you. So, while these skills may not be sprinkled all over a cyber security job description, they’re highly important. 

  • Flexibility – you have to have an agile mindset to deal with ever-changing scenarios and not approach things with a narrow lens 
  • Problem solver  you’ll be tackling some tricky issues so an ability to weave your way through complex issues will allow you to excel 
  • Analytical mindset – analysing data patterns means really being able to think about things methodically 
  • Meticulous attention to detail – it goes without saying that every fine detail needs to be checked  

How can you upskill or make this change? 

The internet is your go-to for cyber security info – there are tonnes of resources online to help you develop and learn. And they follow various formats – from interactive training programs to written content that you can sink your teeth into, you can choose your learning plan. Networking is also a great way to make connections and learn from cyber pros, so we pulled together some of the top cyber security online networks for you!

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