It’s inevitable that AI is being integrated into every aspect of our lives including our business and client data. If you want to remain relevant in the Salesforce ecosystem, either for your business or your career, you’ll need to learn how AI can and will affect you moving forward. As registered Salesforce partners we recently held a webinar and have since pulled together exclusive insider information straight from those with boots on the ground, including: Charlie Isaac, CTO of Customer Connections at Salesforce, Karen Kilroy, CEO of Kilroy Blockchain LLC, and Kelly Olsen, Chief Operating Officer at SThree.

In our webinar you will discover the answers to questions like:

  • How will AI change the face of business as we know it?
  • How can you understand the scope of opportunity that AI creates, so you don’t get left behind?
  • How can businesses and individuals with careers stay relevant amongst the massive array of industries utilizing AI today and into the future?

Become part of the leading edge of technologists! Join those who are educated and ready to make a big impact on the world with the use of AI - stay ahead of the competition.

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