Let’s face it – as a community we love to geek out over the latest piece of Salesforce news. Whether it’s the latest Apex update or an MVP announcement, we can’t help but get excited. Most Salesforce pro’s want to stay in the know about anything and everything that’s happening in Salesforce.– And one quick Google search will provide you with hundreds and hundreds of blogs to get your Salesforce fix.

So… where to begin? Every Salesforce enthusiast will be looking for something different to satisfy their appetite for Salesforce knowledge, and the good thing is that there’s something out there for everyone! To help you, we decided to share some of our favourite blogs that you might be interested in.

Salesforce Ben

You’ve  probably heard of this guy. Ben McCarthy set up Salesforce Ben in 2014 and since then he’s taken the Salesforce community by storm. As the most popular Salesforce blog on the planet, Salesforce Ben offers a whole world of relevant and engaging content for all Salesforce professionals – no matter who you are! Ben is especially interested in helping businesses save time and money through the use of new technology.

Salesforce Ben covers everything from popular interview questions, advice on technical issues, and insights into the latest Salesforce news. If you’re looking for a diverse portfolio of rich Salesforce content, Salesforce Ben is the number one place to visit.

Jenny’s Admin Tips

Jenny Bamber offers weekly admin tips for Salesforce pro’s, and her formula has proven itself to be extremely successful! Her blog offers useful snippets of advice that are extremely varied week upon week. Whether it’s insights into migration or implementation, tips on how to get accepted to speak at Dreamforce, or advice on how to motivate a Salesforce team – she’s always offering something of value.

Cloud Architecture

Fun fact about Francis Pindar, as well as setting up this awesome blog, he’s also the man responsible for launching the largest Salesforce community event in Europe, London’s Calling. His blog looks at the power of cloud computing and he does it in a really fun way! However, if you’re not into reading through tonnes of blogs, his Salesforce posse podcast is a great way to get your dose of Salesforce information while you’re on the go! Combine that with a web experience that’s easy to navigate and you’ve got yourself a next level Salesforce blog.

Admin Hero

No prizes for cracking this code – Admin Hero is a blog that’s written for, you guessed it, Salesforce Administrators. Set up by Salesforce MVP Brent Downey, his goal is to empower Salesforce Administrators all over the world to become workplace heroes. Salesforce Admins will be able to find insights on Salesforce specific topics, but also get some advice on general business issues. He really promotes the importance of having an awareness and appreciation of how Salesforce fits into a wider business strategy.

Aside from the super interesting content, what we love most about Brent’s approach is his focus on the importance of transformation. His content discusses the power of up skilling yourself and gaining hero status; an inspirational read that’s really fitting with the encouraging ethos of the Salesforce community.


David Liu’s blog focuses on learning and certification training, building upon his own experience of learning code from scratch and going on to become a Salesforce MVP. He started the blog as he felt when he was learning Apex that all of the online resources were catered towards people who already knew how to code – and so he saw an opportunity to help people.

What’s super cool about SFDC99 is the amount of success stories you’re able to read about on the blog – there’s a whole section of the website that looks at how people’s lives have changed thanks to those who’ve upskilled their knowledge and gone on to achieve their dreams.

What makes Salesforce truly magical is the passionate community across the ecosystem. These bloggers are just another example of the love that so many people across the world feel about Salesforce. And if you want to keep updated on the latest Salesforce insights, why not head over to Computer Futures’ Salesforce hub? We’ll keep you updated with the latest insights that could impact your Salesforce career.