We recently put together ‘Computer Futures’ guide to securing your dream Salesforce job’, offering advice on how to access the best Salesforce Developer jobs on the market. With this guide, you’ll gain key insights into things like Salesforce Developer interview questions and Salesforce networking events.

You’re probably already aware that the Salesforce community is hugely sociable – both online and offline. Salesforce networking events offer a huge opportunity for you to connect with fellow Salesforce pros. So that’s why decided to put together some useful tips to keep in mind when connecting with the Salesforce community.

Think globally AND locally

As such an active community, Salesforce networking events pop up all over the world. This means you probably won’t need to travel too far to meet up with fellow Salesforce professionals. However, if you’re attending one of the big global events, such as Dreamforce, World Tour or London’s Calling, you may have a bit of a journey on your hands. Why not take this opportunity to connect with some local Salesforce pro’s and travel together?

We don’t need to tell you how active the Salesforce community is online – it should be easy to find a local Salesforce Trailblazer group. This is a great way to build local connections and gain a travel friend – pass the time by sharing expertise and discussing interesting Salesforce topics.

Show off your value as a Salesforce professional

Many Salesforce professionals will be attending meet ups in the hope of developing their Salesforce career. As a Salesforce enthusiast, make sure you’ve got some interesting Salesforce topics to discuss – have you read a blog on the latest Apex development recently? Or perhaps you’ve been to an interesting talk on lightning components. Use this as a topic of discussion, or even send over a link to a blog - if you come with something to offer, you’re more likely to receive useful information that will expand your Salesforce knowledge in return – this is also a great conversation starter and a good way to make valuable Salesforce connections!

Define clear goals – what do you want to get of a Salesforce meetup?

So, you’ve decided to attend a meet up, and there’s probably a few different things you want to get out of going there. Are you hoping to find out about some exclusive Salesforce Developer jobs? Keen to ask people about their most frequently asked Salesforce Developer interview questions? Or do you just want to soak in the knowledge of fellow Salesforce experts? Whatever the goal, make sure to clearly determine your intentions before you attend the event – that way you can really get something out of it.

Salesforce networking events are about follow up… carry business cards!

Say you’re attending a Salesforce meetup because you want to discover new Salesforce Developer jobs - it’s important your new connections can find you easily after the meetup. If you want to be kept in touch about the best opportunities, it’s a good idea to bring along business cards so you can stay in touch with your new contacts. Including a link to your LinkedIn profile also lets new contacts learn a little more about what you have to offer.

Ask important Salesforce questions

In a Salesforce meetup filled with experts, you can be forgiven for feeling a little intimidated. However, if someone’s talking about a topic you’re unfamiliar with, don’t be afraid to ask questions! The beauty of Salesforce networking events is that people come from all different backgrounds and have various different skills to offer. You’ll meet a host of Salesforce Developers, Salesforce Business Analysts, and Salesforce Architects – you might have a different set of skills than the person you’re standing next to… and that’s okay. Salesforce networking events are a great opportunity not only to make connections and learn about Salesforce jobs, but also to learn about the platform - so don’t go away wishing you’d asked more questions.

Talk about your Salesforce skills

As much as you don’t want to make it all about you, it’s important to make sure you leave a lasting impression. Whether you’re talking to a hiring manager offering you a potential new Salesforce Developer job, or networking with a fellow Salesforce pro - let them know what you have to offer. Be ready to articulately talk about your skills and experience in order to maximise all opportunities on offer.

Soak in as much Salesforce knowledge as possible

You’re going to be surrounded by Salesforce pro’s – make sure you soak in all of their expertise! Try and find the balance of sharing valuable information, but also taking in all the knowledge people are sharing. The room will be full of people who share your passion for Salesforce, so don’t just give out all of your expertise – take it in as well!

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