In our recent Insights Report we discovered that in general, the IT sector is relatively resilient. Urgent demand for talent has declined somewhat, but companies expect a prosperous recovery in H2. 

Analysis of job vacancy data suggests that demand for the nature of IT talent skills in particular has changed. Despite a strong need for technological solutions to support companies during this crisis, there has been a sharp decline in the IT & Consulting sector. Because budgets are being frozen, it seems that external consultancy companies are less likely to be hired. The data also suggests that companies are hiring more talent directly, especially when it comes to Cloud Architecture and Software Development professionals. Organizations with a high degree of online customer engagement (such as online retail, media, etc.) see high volumes of online traffic replacing visitors in physical stores. The demand for experienced IT engineers, and a growing demand for Cloud Architects, System Analysts and Software Development Engineers is increasing. 

Organisations are challenged by the rapid change to 'online' and are investing to improve their digital customer experience and IT infrastructure. 

In Germany, we saw an average weekly decrease in available vacancies of 11% in March and April. But from April onwards we have seen an increase in available vacancies of 19% per week. Despite this, the number of IT vacancies currently remains below the pre-crisis level. 

In the longer term (12 months), we can say with certainty that the demand for Data Science, Software Developers and DevOps has consistently increased. In the UK, for example, the number of professionals in the field of Data Science, Salesforce and DevOps has grown by 10-12%. The same growth can be seen in America and the Netherlands, with an increase of 14%.  

Looking for the right talent to get through the pandemic?

The report 'in search of the right talent to get through the pandemic' combines all of our findings from our Insights Report. It lays down how professionals and clients are coping with the crisis, what challenges they face and how the crisis is affecting STEM markets and specialists. 


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