The innovative, transparent nature of our business helped us to secure PSL status with Ordina, a leading supplier of consulting, IT and outsourcing services.

The Challenge 

The roles that they recruit for are in high demand across the industry and therefore they need to link with an agency with an excellent database and strong existing relationships with both active and passive jobseekers.

Working in the consultancy business Ordina's hiring managers must move quickly to secure the best people. They require an innovative recruitment partnership that can deliver a streamlined approach in a time precious market.

Our Approach

We nominated a single point of contact who was responsible for managing the account and passing the roles on to a team of four consultants. This ensures that no client time is wasted in conveying the message to multiple Computer Futures employees. Over a period of just five months he has visited Ordina's site a total of 15 times to learn the business inside out and understand the skills and cultural fit of the candidates they need.

To demonstrate the strength of our candidate connections and ability to act swiftly and efficiently we invited a senior manager to visit our Rotterdam offices. We showed her the sophisticated capability of our €4Million database, performing several searches so that she could see first hand the depth of skills we can generate. She was so impressed that she invited the rest of the team to come and do the same. Following this successful meeting it was agreed that we should be granted PSL status for permanent hires.

To accelerate the recruitment process we suggested a candidate recruitment day should be held in our offices, all of which are equipped with modern and comfortable meeting rooms and video conferencing facilities. During the day Ordina's hiring managers interviewed eight excellent testing professionals with assistance from our vertical market specialist consultants. This rapidly accelerated the process, allowing the client to compare each prospect in one working day, while impressing candidates who appreciated the rapid turnaround from interview to offer stage.

The Results

In just six months we have placed 10 permanent candidates and four contractors. The candidate assessment day was particularly effective as four of the eight attendees were offered and accepted positions on the day.

Attentive Client Services Management through multiple meetings and client entertainment has further bolstered the strength of the account and we look forward to a mutually beneficial relationship moving forward.

A spokesman for Ordina said: "The relationship between Ordina and Computer Futures is a professional partnership in which a balance is struck between the needs of the organisation and the ambitions of the candidate.

"Promises are kept and the Computer Futures consultants know how to anticipate the developments at Ordina. The personal account management function means that we use you as a natural extension of our recruitment department."

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