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How a career in recruitment can help shape life-changing industries

To the outside world, a job as a Recruitment Consultant is often met with the misconception that you just “match candidates to a role” and then move on to the next one. David Hitchings, a Consultant at Computer Futures in London, explains why recruitment is much more than a ‘match-making’ service – it’s all about relationships.

He also discusses how he has a career with purpose by supporting our candidates and clients, who are all part of life-changing industries.

What are you most passionate about in your job?

“I’m passionate about building long-term working relationships with candidates within the market space. You meet people from all walks of life, different types of backgrounds, and with different skill-sets. And when you’re speaking with them, meeting them over a long period of time and if you are able to place them and help them; it’s a good feeling to know you helped in the process.”

Why is the sector you recruit into so important to the outside world?

“Information Security is massive to the outside world. Every business needs some sort of security in place to prevent hackers from acquiring and potentially selling data. Banks, governments, financial services and other institutions all have crucial data that cannot be revealed to everyone. This data is valuable and important which is why it’s targeted. We supply top contractors to these organisations who can stop such threats from happening.”

What would people outside of recruitment be surprised to know about the job of a recruiter?

“I think many people think it’s about being in the office most of the day which isn’t true…You are out meeting candidates and clients; you get out to attend and even run events, which is a great way to network and build your reputation within the market space. Yes, you are inside to a point, but I think the job is active which many do not realise.”

Why is the part you play in the recruitment process so important?

“We are essentially “the middle men” - we bring clients and candidates together. The client has a requirement and the candidate has the skill-sets to fulfil that requirement. Our job is to match these two to the best opportunities for both sides. This way, both are happy and get what they want: The business thrives, the client has filled the job and the candidate is back in work.”

How do you feel your role as a recruiter influences people’s lives?

“A positive one for sure. As recruiters we can take away a lot of stress from candidates who have been looking for work. Make no mistake, this is a stressful time for them, especially if their search has been going on for some time. Once we find them that opportunity and they are selected for that job, it leaves a very positive impact on their lives.”

What is your favourite story about placing someone into their dream role?

“I don’t really have a favourite story to be honest. Each placement has been rewarding in different ways. Ultimately, I get most joy and satisfaction in knowing I helped someone into a job which improved their own situation.”

“I think a lot of people get caught up in thinking about “the deal” when actually, taking a step back and looking at the bigger picture, recruitment is all about relationships and building those relationships…Everything else comes later; have those relationships in place and the rewards follow.”

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You can also watch this video featuring our recruiters - including David - explaining why they believe they have a career with purpose.