Computer Futures

Senior Tech Leaders MeetUp in Dublin - Simon Benson & Ian Kiely

Computer Futures Dublin held another excellent Senior Technology Leaders MeetUp on Wednesday the 27th of September at Dogpatch Labs. 

We were joined by outstanding speakers - Simon Benson and Ian Kiely, whom shared their insights about Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Drones.

Our first speaker, Simon Benson, the founder of the VR consultancy business “Realised Realities” educated the audience on VR and Drones, allowing them to get involved by encouraging them to put on the VR equipment and to go on a VR journey. 

Simon also enlightened the crowd on how VR applications have gone beyond gaming, and quickly spread into many other industries such as medical, automotive, travel, tourism and architecture. Simon spoke positivity about the event saying “the calibre of the speakers was exceptional, providing strong topics for discussion and opening doors to new business opportunities”.

Our second speaker, Ian Kiely, the Co-Founder of Drone Expo Ireland, shared with the crowd the latest technology updates about Drones. One member of the audience described Ian’s presentation of having a "spellbound" effect on the viewers.

The attendees were astonished to learn that drones can be used successfully in precision agriculture, structural safety inspections, fighting fires, search and rescue operations, area mapping, aerial photography, and military operations. Ian commented on the event saying “Really enjoyed the event, very well organised by Mark and a very engaged audience”.

The event was a great success, which was highlighted by the vast amount of positive feedback we received from attendees. Jonathon Young, said “Very interesting speakers and topics. Excellent venue. Another good Meetup, Mark!” and Graham Gosling, also said “A great event with genuinely interesting speakers, good engagement and lovely venue. The trouble with setting the bar so high Mark is that you have to keep it there!”

Be sure to check back here for details on upcoming events, it’s not to be missed!